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How To Harness the Vibrations and Benefits of Natural Crystals

Do you live your daily life stressed? Tired? Sick?

Whatever the issue you deal with personally, its safe to say that just about everyone today feels the impact of living in a fast paced, over commercialized, over schedule, over stressed lifestyle we seem to get more and more accustomed.

It’s easy to deal with this unhealthy pace of life by drinking more coffee to stay awake or take some sleeping aids to help you fall asleep at night. On the other hand, there has also been an increase in the beneficial practice of yoga to clear you mind, using essential oils to boost your mood, and other positive habits from all the chaos.

More and more people are looking to nature and natural products, like most of humanity has done for generations, to help cope with and even relieve daily stressors. Most recently, a whole lot of attention has turned to examining crystals and their positive effects.

Crystals? Really?

Yes, really.

Did you know that crystals are not only articles of beauty to use in jewellery, but that they have healing properties and benefits stored in their natural striations and inclusions.

With this in mind, a new company Air &Stone, a  have worked to both harnessed, and promote both the use and knowledge of natural but powerful vibrations of crystals.

They do this by offering unique, handmade, crystal pipes made from unique gems for unique purposes.

Yes, their pipes are made of various pure gemstones for you to choose and smoke medical herb from based on what you’re dealing with in your life.

Currently the company is in it’s last phase of it’s kickstarter campaign, and will soon also offer medicinal herbs to go along with their crystal pipes.

About the company

Air & Stone is a crystal pipe boutique which aims at helping you reach higher vibrations with 100% pure crystals. The unique structural properties of crystals resonates a certain frequency whenever a current or energy passes through it. It is these resonation that either helps restore balance in your body, or any particular emotional or physical condition you may be in.

These crystals are naturally grown from the earth, making each beautiful glass unique in appearance and function. For this reason, you’ll notice that no two pipes are identical, and have at least a few mm difference in measurements between them. While the stones have been shaped into pipes, its striations and inclusions are completely natural.

This means you’ll be getting pure vibrations straight from the source of nature.

How the stones work

Humans are naturally sensitive in nature and can immediately tell the difference and effects of emotional feelings and physical touches. Stones have always had an impact on a person’s emotional, physical and spiritual feelings. And as Einstein once said, “everything in life is vibration” due to the reasoning that everything is made of atoms binding and bouncing off one another.

Did you know that atoms are always in a state of motion? It’s the speed of these atoms that define a solid, liquid or gas.

Our bodies too are made of atoms, and it’s when they move that we attract similar vibrations. This is where these stones play their crucial role, they help you reach the right type of vibrations to get your body, energy, mind, and soul back into balance.

The crystals:

  • help hold positive energy in a room,
  • can help you pick yourself up from any problem you are facing
  • and can also give you an energy shift

Some crystals also help balance and align individual chakras and prove helpful while mediating or when you need some inspiration for a project.

How different crystal pipes help you

Here is an overview of how Air & Stone’s nine different crystal pipes help you:

  1. Amethyst 

Amethyst balances and connects physical, mental and emotional bodies and is helpful for cleansing the atmosphere by changing negative energy.

By stimulating the throat and crown chakras, it can help you if you are in any form of difficulties.

  1. Aventurine

This crystal helps bring prosperity to your life. While any colored aventurine stone helps improve leadership qualities, the green variant helps bring success in whatever you do.

So if you need help in making your first date a success, or with your promotion, this is the stone to turn to.

  1. Fluorite

Fluorite helps get rid of any sticky energy that’s distracting you and making you feel uncomfortable like negativity. It helps reduce stress while improving your concentration and self-confidence levels.

  1. Labradorite

If you need a stone to help improve your love life, and life in general, then a labradorite pipe is what you’re looking for. It is a stone of transformation that helps you become the person you are meant to be.

It helps by removing all the bad habits, thoughts and feelings hampering you from reaching your full potential in life.

  1. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stone that stimulates your desire for truth, understanding and knowledge and is excellent for improving your memory. It’s called the stone of truth that encourages honesty in both the spoken and written word.

It’s helpful for developing friendships and promoting deep communication. Especially useful if you have temperamental teenagers or children suffering from autism or attention deficit disorder.

  1. Obsidian

Obsidian is the stone for you if you value integrity. This particular pipe will help keep you sincere and honest, calling you out if you go astray. Obsidian is the rock to turn to if you’re looking to uncover life’s deepest mysteries. It can also help keep you grounded if you are succeeding in life and prevent you from getting overwhelmed by your success.

This crystal is slightly different from others as it’s an igneous stone formed when molten lava quickly cools down.

  1. Opalite

This is a man-made stone that helps communication at all levels, especially the spiritual one. It clears energy blockages in life and is known to be helpful for all-round healing. It can even help enhance your sexual experiences, stabilize mood swings, and aid in overcoming fatigue.

  1. Quartz 

Quartz helps bolster your spirits and bring you out of any depression or dullness you may be feeling. This gem aids you in understanding whatever issue you are going through, and gives you the clarity of mind to tackle it head first.

It is especially helpful when you feel lost or uncertain like while waiting for a diagnoses or result.

  1. Rose quartz crystal

If you are experiencing any emotional limitations preventing your personal growth and happiness, a rose quartz crystal might prove helpful to you.

The vibrations enter your body to remove any suppressed or unacknowledged feelings you’re internalizing, and helps transform them into a flowing, positive, happy energy.

Finding Your Own Balance

If one or more of the above situations speaks to you, you’ll be please to know that Air & Stone crystal pipes are available to be preordered now at a reasonable price of $35.

With each order you will receive your preferred crystal pipe, a screen for holding your smoking substance, two extra screens, and a travel box.

While pre-orders are accepted now, the orders will be shipped only after the company’s crowd funding launch scheduled for December 18th is completed. Meaning the estimated shipping dates are in January, just in time to carry on with any New Year resolutions you make!

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re ready to order, or want to look into crystals more, one thing is certain, nature holds more mysteries and answers than we will ever know. The more we turn back to natural, organic remedies and practices, the more we’re seeing a positive difference in society and ourselves.

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