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8 Reasons To Add Hemp Oil Into Your Daily Routine

Hemp oil has all the benefits of marijuana and none of the adverse side effects. For most people, this might be a little tricky to wrap your head around, because of it’s close association with it’s partly legal, sometimes illegal cousin, depending on what state you live in. >>>> Click here to go to our […]

How Long Do Essential Oil Lasts?

In a recent post, I went over the easy things you can do to prolong the shelf life of your oils. They include things like storing them properly, getting the right containers, and keeping out of heat and direct sunlight. While these are all good and well, the question first is, how long do essential […]

How to Store Your Essential Oils so They Last Longer

Like all good things in life, essential oils can cost a bundle, especially if you have a difficult time narrowing down the oils you want, like I do. What’s the reason for this? It’s because lots of plant material yields very little oil, so it takes a lot of time and work to get even […]

10 Reasons Why Every Home Should Have an Essential Oil Diffuser

If you could make one simple change that would drastically increase your quality of life, would you? The world if continuing to get more polluted, our lives more stressful, and our health overall continues to decline. While many people choose to ignore these changes because they think huge efforts are needed to make a difference, […]

The 10 Best Essential Oils For Kids

Spring is here! Goodbye cold hello hay fever and mosquitoes! Well, no, not exactly. But you get the picture. Just like changing your bed sheets and trading your warm jackets for lighter clothing, your body, and your child’s is going to have to adapt slowly. With the seasons changing, their bodies, and yours as well […]

Are Essential Oils Safe to Use for Children-The Answer

You know essential oils are good for you, but the question is, are essential oils ok to use with your kids? You love essential oils and know that they offer a whole variety of benefits from keeping you healthy, energized, helping you get a goof nights sleep, and even keep the mosquitoes away. As a […]

How to Choose the Right MONQ Blend for Your Mood

If you love aromatherapy and its benefits and wish there was some way you could enjoy these effects on the go, there’s good news. Instead of depending on your living room diffuser or a roll-on, there’s now a portable personal essential oil diffuser in the market, MONQ. Many mistake MONQ Therapeutic Air for an e-cigarette […]