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Top 5 Essential Oils for Sore Muscles

Working out, sitting too long, injury, and stress are just some of the reason your muscle may be aching or making you uncomfortable. Sometimes we don’t even know our body is hurting until we stop and take some time to check in with ourselves. Muscle pain ranges from mild, manageable to intolerable pain. It can […]

4 Excellent Essential Oils For Hives

Nobody wants like to have a dry, itchy and cracked skin, right? Unfortunately, there different conditions that can make your skin appear this way. One of those conditions is hives. In this article, you will find current and detailed information on what hives are, where they can occur, signs and symptoms, and which essential oils […]

Best 4 Essential Oils for Athlete’s Foot

Statistics show that at least 70% of all adults will suffer from a fungal foot infection at some point in their lives. The most common culprit- athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot is one of those health problems that are largely benign but always pose the risk of a bigger problem. For example, while it is largely […]

Best 4 Essential Oils For Menstrual Cramp Relief

Its that time of the month again. Sigh. You know it, maybe even the people around you know it, and it’s all thanks to those pre menstrual symptoms and cramps. Menstrual cramps or menstrual pain is something that cuts across all lines and all demographic. Affecting everyone differently, they can range from non existent, very […]

4 Essential Oils That Will Cure Your Hangover Quick

A pounding headache, stomach pain, fatigue,  nausea, excessive dehydration and increased sensitivity to light – it’s an all too familiar feeling for anybody who has ever had a night out of fun.  Why is it that the older I get, the worse the hangover seems? Unfair. While it may leave you regretting those extra glasses […]

Essential Oils for Ear Infections

Hello? Can you hear me now? If you’re having trouble hearing, your ear aches, you’re having issues with your balance, or your head feels clogged up, it might be the result of an ear infection. Ear infections happen when there is a virus or bacteria in the middle part of your ear. Usually they start […]

Essential Oils for Gout To Move Around Pain Free

If you don’t have gout it can be difficult to explain just how painful and debilitating this condition can be. It’s unpredictable, can last for an undetermined amount of time, varies in severity, and unfortunately often is a repeat occurrence. While I have never experienced gout, my best friend, and old room mate has it. […]

Essential Oils for Poison Ivy

We’ve all heard of it as kids and seen it in the movies, but do people actually get affected by poison ivy in real life? Yes, yes people totally do, and it may be a lot more common than you think. If we think about it, everyone can come into contact with this plant at […]

Essential Oils for Sore Throat

Have you ever woken up with that scratchy, itchy, irritating feeling in your throat? You know the one that sometimes comes after a night out of loud yelling, or at the very beginning of a cold? The sensation that you think you can ignore, drink of tea and honey to soothe, or maybe will just […]

Essential Oils for Bed Bugs

I don’t want to think about these small crawling things either, but sometimes it takes talking about and prepping for them that makes all the difference in keeping bed bugs away from you and your loved ones. Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood, particularly human blood. They live in headboards, mattresses, […]