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The Best Essential Oil for Ingrown Hair

Jump to: What Is Ingrown Hair?Causes and SymptomsOther causes include:Symptoms of ingrown hairs include:Essential Oil for Ingrown HairTee Tree Essential OilChamomile Essential OilLavender Essential OilFrankincense Essential Oil Lemongrass Essential OilPrecautions Ingrown hairs are annoying aren’t they? They’re not exactly dangerous but they’re one of those things that is slightly uncomfortable and can lead you picking at […]

4 Best Essential Oils For Ringworm

Jump to: What is ringworm?What are the symptoms?Ringworm on the scalp:Ringworm on the body:What causes ringworm?1. Personal contact2. Pets 3. Touching personal objects4. The soilEssential oils for ringworm1. Neem Oil2. Lavender Oil3. Thyme Oil 4. Lemongrass OilGet Started Now In this post, you will get to know what ringworms are; it’s signs and symptoms, and how to […]

Stop Itching: Best 4 Essential Oils For Rashes

Jump to: Skin Rash SymptomsCauses of Skin RashEssential oils for rashes1. Lavender oil2. Rosemary oil3. Geranium oil 4. Peppermint OilConclusion Are you itchy? Allergic? Do you have a heat rash? Whatever the reason, and however you ( or your loved one) got the rash, one thing is for sure. You just want it the itching to […]

5 Best Essential Oils For Stye

Jump to: Causes of StyesSymptoms of StyesTreatmentEssential Oils For Stye1. Lavender Oil2. Castor Oil3. Clove oil4. Coconut OilConclusion Do you have a pimple-like swelling on your eyelid? That might be a stye. A stye also known as hordeolum, is a swelling that forms on the edge of an eyelid. The swelling appears like a red […]

Cool Down With These Essential Oils For Fever

Jump to: Essential Oils For FeverEucalyptus oilLavender oilChamomile oilLemongrass oilUsing essential oils on babies and childrenEssential oil blendsFor children For adultsAdditional tips Feeling hot? Tired? Drained? Unfortunately you might have a fever. Any body temperature higher than 38°C or 99.5°F is considered feverish, since your normal body temperature should be 37°C or 96.6°F. Your high temperature […]

Find Relief With Essential Oils for Croup

Jump to: What is Croup?Symptoms of CroupWhen to seek for physician’s helpEssential Oils for CroupLavender OilMarjoram Oil Eucalyptus OilRavensara and Thyme Oil Conclusion When your child is sick or in pain, the world stops. All that matters is making them, and yourself feel better. Do you have sleepless nights because of your baby’s croup cough problems? Are you […]

doTerra Essential Oil SoftGels- Blends and Uses

Jump to: What are softgels?SoftGels vs. DiffuserDigestzen Digestive Blend SoftgelsUses and benefitsSerenity Restful Complex SoftgelsUses and benefitsOn Guard Protective Blend Softgels Uses and benefitsZendocrine Detoxification Blend SoftgelsUses and benefitsTriEase Seasonal Blend SoftgelsUses and benefits What are softgels? Did you know that there is a better way to consume essential oils internally that adding it to your […]

Essential Oils For Bronchitis – Stop Those Coughs NOW

Jump to: Get Ahead of the IssueWhat is Bronchitis?Signs and Symptoms of BronchitisHow Essential Oils workEssential Oils for BronchitisLavender Tea Tree EucalyptusLemongrassCinnamonHow to Use Essential Oils Diffusion: Chest or Back rub:Steam inhalation: Did you know that bronchitis is one of the most common respiratory problems world? It usually develops from either a cold or a respiratory infection.  […]

Eat Freely With These Essential Oils For Acid Reflux

Jump to: What is acid reflux?What are the Symptoms?Causes of acid reflux1. A Hiatal Hernia2. Inflammation 3. Aging4. Obesity5. Pregnancy6. Medication and supplements 7. Excessive exercise 8. Smoking and alcoholEssential Oils for acid reflux1. Ginger2. Lemon3. Orange 4. EucalyptusDare to Order SpIcy Do you frequently suffer from acid reflux? Do you pause at the thought of a […]

Stop Tiptoeing Around with These Essential Oils For Plantar Fasciitis

Jump to: What is Plantar Fasciitis?Some FactsCausesSymptomsTreatment OptionsEssential Oils for Planter FasciitisLemongrass OilApplication:Peppermint OilRecipe:Frankincense Oil Application:Wintergreen OilHow to use:Conclusion In today’s fast-paced world, we are always forced to be on the move almost all the time. If you’re not busy with work stuff, it’s probably academics, or the daily task of running a home. Either way, […]