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Breathe in These Essential Oils for Anxiety

Jump to: Signs of AnxietyWhat essential oil is good for anxietyCalming essential oilsEssential Oils for Anxiety1. Fabulous Frannie High-Quality 6-Pack Aromatherapy2. ArtNaturals Aromatherapy Top 8 Essential Oils3. Anxiety Ease Synergy Blend Essential Oil by Edens Garden We all face episodes of anxiety now and then in our day to day lives. It comes about when […]

Stop The Itching With These Natural Treatments For Yeast Infection

Jump to: CausesSymptomsWho is Prone to Yeast InfectionsTreatmentSocial impactEssential Oils for Yeast Infection1. Thyme essential oil2. Tea tree essential oil3. Cinnamon essential oil4. Minty MouthwashPrevention Tips It’s not a pleasant topic, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to discuss it. Often times, the situations that are uncomfortable to talk about, are the ones in […]

Give Your Lungs a Rest With These Essential Oils For Cough

Jump to: Lifestyle problemsCommon causesTreatmentOur Top Picks and Recommended BlendsSay No to Side Effects and Yes to Natural OptionsEssential Oil For Cough1. Frankincense essential oil 2. Lemon essential oil3. Eucalyptus essential oil4. Peppermint essential oilEssential oil for toddler coughOther Cough Suppression Options Your co-worker was coughing yesterday, and this morning you have a ticklish sensation in […]

Stop That Queasy Feeling with Essential Oils For Nausea

Jump to: Why do you feel like throwing up?What About Medical Treatment?How The Medicine WorksEssential Oil For Nausea1. Aromatherapy with peppermint or lavender essential oilGet the best price for lavender oil here!2. Lavender or ginger oil for applicationGet the best price for ginger oil here!3. Inhaler blend using cardamom and spearmint essential oilsGet the best […]

Get Clear Skin With Essential Oil for Acne

Jump to: What Causes AcneYou’ve already tried everything elseEssential Oils for Acne1. Lavender essential oil 2. Rosemary oil3. Tea tree oil 4. Oregano oil5. Sandalwood oil6. Bergamot oilSay hello to a fresh looking you  Maybe you’ve been dealing with acne your whole life, maybe you feel the signs of a bump on your face while you’re getting […]

Unwind With The Best Essential Oils For Relaxation

Jump to: Your Body Needs RestEssential Oils for Sleep and Relaxation1. ChamomileGet the best price for roman chamomile oil here!2. LavenderGet the best price for lavander oil here!3. BergamotGet the best price for bergamot oil here!4. Ylang Ylang Essential OilGet the best price for ylang ylang oil here!5. Marjoram Essential OilGet the best price for […]

Best Essential Oil Diffusers for Large Rooms 2019- Top Picks and Reviews

Jump to: Benefits of Using Essential Oil Diffusers in a Large RoomSafetyRelaxationFocusBetter immune systemPain reliefMood therapyFragranceThings to Keep In Mind When Shopping For a Diffuser for a Large RoomType of oil diffuserTimer:MotorWater capacityOther factorsThe top 5 essential oil diffusers for large rooms1. URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser HumidifierHere are the main features:Ultrasonic technology:500ml water […]

Essential Oils for UTI

Jump to: Types of people prone to cystitisChildren are also at riskAntibiotics and UTIHow essential oils can provide UTI relief1. Eucalyptus essential oil 2. Tea tree essential oil3. Lavender essential oil4. Rosewood essential oil5. Myrrh essential oilPrevention tips If you’ve ever had a UTI, you know exactly how much of a pain it can be. From […]

Essential Oils For Sunburn

Jump to: How the sun ‘burns’ your skinWho is prone to sunburn?Essential oil for sunburn1. Lavender and aloe vera gel2. Chamomile oil and milk blend3. Peppermint essential oil 4. Sandalwood essential oilSunburns take time to heal Is it just me or has it been hot lately? Like really hot? If you’ve been out in the sun […]

Essential Oils That Will Increase Focus and Concentration

Jump to: Essential Oils For FocusOur top recommendationsTop 5 Essential Oils for Studying and Memory1. Rosemary Essential Oil2. Peppermint Essential Oil 3. Lavender Essential Oil4. Basil Essential Oil 5. Sage Essential OilMore optionsConclusion We’ve all had those days, where time just seems to drag on. We read the same things over and over again; we lose track […]