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4 Excellent Essential Oils For Hives

Jump to: What are hives? Where do they occur?Chronic HivesSigns and SymptomsCausesEssential oils for hives1. Peppermint essential oil 2. Lavender essential oil3. Chamomile essential oil 4. Myrrh essential oil Nobody wants like to have a dry, itchy and cracked skin, right? Unfortunately, there different conditions that can make your skin appear this way. One of those conditions is […]

Best 4 Essential Oils for Athlete’s Foot

Jump to: What is Athlete’s Foot?Risk FactorsSymptoms of Athlete’s FootEssential Oils for Athlete’s Foot1. Tea Tree Oil2. Peppermint Oil 3. Lavender Oil4. Eucalyptus OilConclusionInterested in essential oils? Make sure you check out these: Statistics show that at least 70% of all adults will suffer from a fungal foot infection at some point in their lives. The […]

Best 4 Essential Oils For Menstrual Cramp Relief

Jump to: Premenstrual Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)Causes of menstrual crampsOther conditions include:Common signs and symptoms of cramps Essential Oils for Menstrual Cramps1. Lavender oil 2. Eucalyptus oil3. Rose Essential oil 4. Ylang-YlangHow to use for pain reliefMassageDirectionsAromatherapy Its that time of the month again. Sigh. You know it, maybe even the people around you know it, and it’s all […]

4 Essential Oils That Will Cure Your Hangover Quick

Jump to: What is a hangover?Hangover curesEssential oils for hangoverLemon essential oilGinger essential oilLavender essential oil  Fennel essential oilHelpful hangover tips A pounding headache, stomach pain, fatigue,  nausea, excessive dehydration and increased sensitivity to light – it’s an all too familiar feeling for anybody who has ever had a night out of fun.  Why is it […]

Essential Oils for Ear Infections

Jump to: Different typesSymptoms of Ear InfectionWhat Causes Ear Infections?Other factorsTreatment of Ear InfectionEssential oils for ear infection1. Garlic Oil2. Lavender Oil 3. Tea Tree Oil4. Basil Oil Conclusion Hello? Can you hear me now? If you’re having trouble hearing, your ear aches, you’re having issues with your balance, or your head feels clogged up, it might […]

Essential Oils for Gout To Move Around Pain Free

Jump to: What is gout?Stages of Gout1. Asymptomatic Hyperuricemia2. Acute Gout3. Interval/Intercritical Gout4. Chronic Tophaceous GoutSymptomsRisk Factors  Treatment OptionsEssential oils for Gout1. Frankincense Oil 2. Rosemary Oil3. Ginger Oil4. Turmeric Oil Conclusion If you don’t have gout it can be difficult to explain just how painful and debilitating this condition can be. It’s unpredictable, can last for an […]

Essential Oils for Poison Ivy

Jump to: What is Poison Ivy? Why does poison ivy make you itch?Symptoms and TreatmentEssential oils for poison ivy1. Eucalyptus Oil2. Lavender Oil 3. Cypress Oil4. Geranium Oil Conclusion We’ve all heard of it as kids and seen it in the movies, but do people actually get affected by poison ivy in real life? Yes, yes people totally […]

Essential Oils for Sore Throat

Jump to: Oils for sore throatWhat are the symptoms of a sore throat?What causes Sore Throat?Viral Infections Bacterial InfectionsToxins and IrritantsTrauma or Injury Treatment Essential oils for sore throatHyssop OilPeppermint Oil Clove OilEucalyptus Oil UseOregano Oil Conclusion  Have you ever woken up with that scratchy, itchy, irritating feeling in your throat? You know the one that sometimes comes after a […]

Essential Oils for Bed Bugs

Jump to: How an infestation starts The better solutionHow to prevent bed bugs from infesting your bedHigh temperaturesWash travel gear sand upholstery that may be infested with hot waterVacuum cleaningSunshineEssential oilsEssential oils for bed bugsLavender Tea tree oilLemongrass CloveNeem essential oilEucalyptus oil I don’t want to think about these small crawling things either, but sometimes it takes talking […]

Be GONE With These Essential Oils for Lice

Jump to: Essential oils for lice preventionLavender oilEucalyptus essential oil Tea tree oilHow to safely use essential oils for head liceOther preventive and treatment options We all know the TV shows where students are sent home with a note to their parents after discovering they have lice. But did you know it’s not only on TV? […]