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Where is The Best Place to Buy Essential Oils?

If you have decided you want to experience the benefits of essential oils, or just have run out of your own, it is important to know where to find the right oils for you.

The market is jam-packed with products to buy, searching for the right item is like to going to Starbucks and getting lost in the sea of coffee choices. If you are considering adding essential oils into your whole health plan, where you buy essential oils becomes an important choice in the ocean of oils that litter the marketplace.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or are familiar with essential oils, it might be worthwhile to consider a few things before purchasing your next set.

Are they grown by the company that markets them? Do they have any additives in them? What kind of quality can you expect? Do they have a ton of satisfied user recommendations?

These and other questions you should focus on when looking for therapeutic-caliber oils. To maximize the benefits of the oils, you want to make sure you are getting the best ones and know where you can buy essential oils.

Not all essential oils are created equal

Like a fine wine taster, an oil connoisseur can tell the difference between quality and low-quality oils in a heartbeat. To differentiate between the types of companies in the oils space, they can be easily slotted into two groups: those that outsource the production of crops and distillation and those that are involved in one, if not both, processes.

When a company is committed to the hard work of growing, distilling, testing, and bottling their oil blends, you know you are dealing with experts in their field. These companies care about their product, and that results in high-end quality. 

Businesses that see through the whole process are rare. Some of the smaller companies just are not able to grow every crop for every oil they produce. These businesses still can create some great oils, because even if they don’t grow their crops, they still are very careful about picking who they do business with.

Be suspicious of the oils in any grocery store; most fall into the fragrance category. You don’t need to waste money on fragrance oils when you can invest a little more money and get quality. Search out the best producers and your road will lead to getting more benefits out of your oils than simply a nice smell.

Ask questions

There are a variety of strategies that you can put to work that will lead you to find the best oil for you. Consider looking locally to find a representative of an essential oil company. Speaking with a person like this will open up a wealth of information about oils, allow you to sample various oils, and get insider news that may enable you to get quality oils at a discounted price.

Tapping into your social stream, talking to friends who are alternative health-minded, and reading a slew of online reviews, are some other ways to discover the most useful oils.

Where to buy essential oils is an important consideration if you want to give oils a try. It is essential to find the best companies that produce the best oils so that you may experience the best results. If you choose cheap oils, you will experience second results that will lead you to eliminate essential oils as a possible piece to your overall health puzzle.

The main reason for buying essential oils are because of their therapeutic properties. So buying nonquality oils, or oils mixed with non-essential fillers largely defeats the purpose. We have all heard of those people who are convinced that essential oils are a scam, but it is most likely because they didn’t put the time and effort into finding the right ones.

As a matter of fact, buying the mixed compounds may even have harmful side effects or provide no healing benefits at all. One quick method to ensuring you’re getting quality essential oils is to rely on trusted vendors, who have an excellent reputation within the community. A good company with holistic knowledge of the process will yield an excellent oil that is keyed into real-world results, not a false “fragrance” oil that will do nothing but fools your nose.

Happy customers are the best sales people, and usually are more than happy to share their positive feedback to the vendors and others.

Don’t be tricked

The most important tip when looking for essential oils is to check the labels that mention words like “fragrance oil” or “perfume oil.” In most cases, this could mean that they are mixed with chemicals to induce strong scent and to market as aromatherapy oils. Retailers or suppliers need to be wary of such claims made by the manufacturers as it could mean that they are using the term inaccurately to increase their sales.

You should also be especially cautious of suppliers that promote their product as “aromatherapy grade” or “therapeutic grade”. Since no governing body assigns these grades to the oils, in all probability, these are false claims trying to capture your attention.

We often come across the term “pure essential oils” which is clichéd in the aromatherapy industry. Although pure oils are a possibility, there is also a chance that it is not as pure as it is claimed to be. Sometimes, these oils may be sitting on the shelves of the vendor for years or may have been mixed with other oils in bottling, etc. Hence the best practice to understand the authenticity and purity of the oil is by taking it from a trusted vendor.

Usually the better the supplier and the product, the less they will have to rely on these types of advertising. They can let their products speak for themselves. By going with a quality supplier, you’ll only have to be worried about narrowing down which oils you want.

What to consider when you buy essential oils

Just because a product is labeled organic doesn’t mean it is actually organic or natural; it only means a company has done the bare minimum necessary to be able to put that label on their product.

With this concept in mind, when you plan to buy essential oils, do research on the brand you are considering. Do they have a lot of satisfied customers or are people looking into other oils for more useful results? Do your homework and it will unearth a truly “essential” oil for your whole health campaign.

When you want to buy essential oils, think about how the best wines are made. An artisan vintner will choose the best plants, grow them in an ideal way, and then process the grapes with love; this process alone will produce a superior wine. The same is true with essential oils.

Whether you are searching the internet or looking at a bottle of oil in the store, make sure the oil is labeled with its real plant name and not some incomprehensible lab name. The difference between natural and man-made is essential to getting an oil that will work for you. For an example plant names, Lemon oil is Citrus limon, and Peppermint is Menthe Piperita.

A company who is making a truly “essential” oil is one who cares about the person they are selling the oil to.

Traits of a good company

A quality good seller will sell their essential oils in dark colored bottles of 4 oz. or even smaller. Although, when you buy these oils online, they may be shipped in larger containers made of plastic to avoid breakage and reduce the shipping charges.

Please beware that the plastic of the container can react with the essential oils and that might impact its quality over the years. When you receive your oil in a plastic container, immediately transfer it to glass bottles for longer and safe keeping.

You can also ask the supplier of the oil to tell you how long were these oils packed in a plastic bottle before they were shipped to you. The best suppliers will be the ones that transfer the oil to plastic bottles just before the shipment.

You should always buy from the sellers that are not afraid to offer you detailed information about the oil and its contents or even make their test results public. You can also pay close attention to their business ethics and education to be confident of their integrity.

Added benefit

Companies that want the best products for your well-being probably also want the best for nature. Getting the best oils means having the best resources at their disposable, and that usually means following sound environmental practices. If something negatively affects our body, it most likely has an adverse effect on the earth, so be sure that when you buy essential oils, you choose a company that is doing right by you and your surroundings.

Spend a little to save a lot

Getting a cheap five dollar bottle of lavender oil may trick your nose, but it can’t trick your body into positive results. Always remember you get what you pay for. Invest a little more money in a quality oil from a quality producer and you’ll find, like most things, it will be well worth your money.

With the best quality oils, a little goes a long way with therapeutic oils. You won’t have to use five or six drops of peppermint oil to open up your sinuses; one drop will sufficiently do the job.

This is great from a budgetary standpoint; you know that they will last if you are conservative in using them. Another thing to consider when you want to buy essential oils is to look for essential oil kits to experience a larger variety of oils at a lower price than if you were to purchase the oils individually.

After finding a quality company, search for monthly deals and reasonably priced oils, like cedar wood or peppermint. This way you get a great oil at a reasonable price.