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Essential Oils Skincare

The Most Effective Essential Oils for Burns

Everyone burns themselves at some point in their lives. It could be from spilling a hot cup of coffee, splashing oil, touching a hot pan, or hundred of other scenarios. One thing we can agree on is that burns hurt. This pain usually last until your skin heals, the more severe the burn, the longer […]

The Best Essential Oil for Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs are annoying aren’t they? They’re not exactly dangerous but they’re one of those things that is slightly uncomfortable and can lead you picking at it, which is not recommended. Most people have had experience with ingrown hairs at some point in time, especially those who tweeze or shave their body hair. It makes […]

Get Your Smooth Skin Back With These Essential Oils For Stretch Marks

Do you know that more than 25 percent men and 55 percent women suffer from stretch marks? The condition doesn’t cause any medical problems, but for those experiencing this condition, you certainly know how embarrassing, annoying, and distressful it can be. What are stretch marks? Stretch marks are a common skin disorder characterized by narrow […]

Essential Oils for Warts

Oh no, you have a wart. While it’s unpleasant and people don’t commonly talk about them, they are more common than most people think. It is estimated that at any given time one in every four people has warts.  Shocking, right? Not so much considering most of them are mainly harmless. The main problem is that […]

Remove Marks With These Essential Oils for Scars

We all have some scars, whether from an accident, medical procedure or a delivery in their lifetimes which leaves a mark.  The scars, no matter how big, old, raised or small, don’t matter much if they are not visible to others. It’s when it’s prominent and noticeable that you want to get rid of them. […]

These Essential Oils Get Rid of Pimples Fast

Pimples are the worst. Aren’t they?  No one wants to wake up with that all to familiar feeling of a pimple thats forming under your skin or to discover one has popped up over night. Of course all advice tells you to fight the urge to pop it, but many of us who have been […]

Essential Oils for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disorder which is thought to be triggered by an overly active immune system that makes skin quickly flake off. This quick replacement of cells leads to itchiness, irritation and the accumulation of new and dead cells on the skin surface. This leads to flaky, inflamed and red patches which can be […]

Stop the Itching With Essential Oils for Eczema

Does a nagging itch make it so difficult to sleep, even after a long and tiring? Is your child missing school because of a terrible itch and swelling on the body? If yes, you might be suffering from the chronic skin condition, eczema. If you wonder what exactly eczema is., it’s a chronic skin condition […]

Get Clear Skin With Essential Oil for Acne

Maybe you’ve been dealing with acne your whole life, maybe you feel the signs of a bump on your face while you’re getting ready in the morning. Perhaps you’re embarrassed to go to the pool or the beach, self-cautious of the marks on your back. Whatever your situation, and wherever the affect area, acne is […]

Essential Oils For Sunburn

Is it just me or has it been hot lately? Like really hot? If you’ve been out in the sun recently and forgotten to put on that second or third application of sunscreen, you might find yourself a little, or a lot burnt. You know the warning signs, the slight tightness or heat. Maybe your […]