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Finally Legal! Are You Missing Out On All These CBD Oil Benefits?

You’ve been hearing a lot about CBD and hemp oil but you’re still not 100% sure what they are, how they’re made, or what good they can do for you?

Lets dive into it. We’re going to take a closer look to see how CBD oil is safe, cover a number of benefits you’ll get from using it, and how it is completely legal and safe to use.

CBD oil will NOT get you high 

The use of marijuana for medical reasons has continued to be a politically and emotionally charged issue. For instance, for many years, most governments have put restrictions on the use of marijuana or cannabis even for therapeutic purposes due to the dangers of its abuse.

However, recently, marijuana and other chemically related compounds have actually started being considered for their therapeutic value. In fact, the herb has been found to contain cannabidiol, a compound that has been proved to treat a wide range of conditions.

CBD Hemp Oil from Cellista

If you have only been associating marijuana with substance abuse, drug addiction and crime, this will be an eye opener. In fact, on the contrary, the plant has been found to contain cannaboids, which are key ingredients in the Cannabidiol or CBD oil. This is a unique type of oil that has quite a number of benefits to the user.

Ideally, most of the medically used CBD is found in Hemp, a form of the cannabis sativa plant that is least processed. The best thing about CBD Hemp oil is that it will not alter the state of your mind when you use it.

100% natural and organic 

No prescription needed

Does not contain any THC

Legal in all 50 state and Canada.

Doesn’t show up on any drug test 

Cold pressed extraction


Cellista is one of the few licensed and reputable companies that deal in great quality and standardized CBD oil products. All of their products are tested in a well-equipped state-of-the-art laboratory so as to ensure quality, potency as well as safety.

Through innovative and safe scientific techniques, they are able to produce products that will enhance the well-being of their users.

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How to Use CBD Hemp Oil

CBD Hemp oil is normally used in numerous ways to help relieve the symptoms that characterize different conditions.

  1. For instance, you can mix some of the Hemp oil products with different foods and drinks such as salad, smoothies, or even cereals.
  2. Others may be taken from a dropper or pipette while other types come as thick paste that you could massage on your skin or used with your favorite essential oils.
  3. You can also purchase those that are in form of sprays that are administered under the tongue.

CBD Oil Benefits

Because of how CBD works in the body, there are many hemp oil uses as they have been found to have a wide range of benefits.

The product can benefit you in any of the following ways:

1. Pain Relief and Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

If you need a more natural and effective way to relieve stiffness, or reduce your chronic, mild or acute pain, Hemp oil might just be what you need. The product contains special elements that are effective in suppressing chronic inflammation and pain as they work by inhibiting neurotransmitters in the pain pathways.

The oil is a great pain treatment agent which you can spray at the affected areas in order to alleviate the discomfort you may be experiencing such as: 

  • burns
  • rashes
  • eczema
  • other skin issues

2. Treatment of Mental Health Disorders

Studies have also shown CBD Hemp oil to be quite effective in treating different mental and neurological disorders such as epilepsy and schizophrenia. In fact, a high percentage of epileptics who use the product have reported significant reduction in their frequency of seizures.

Moreover, the oil has been found to have similar effects as antipsychotic drugs and it has proved to be quite safe and effective in the treatment of patients with schizophrenia. Other benefits include; improved sleep, better mood, and increased alertness.

3. Reduction of Anxiety 

If you are often plagued by anxiety or any related disorders, CBD Hemp oil might also be of enormous benefit to you. The product has particularly shown to significantly reduce anxiety in patients exhibiting:

  • social anxiety disorders
  • obsessive compulsive disorder
  • panic disorder
  • post-traumatic stress disorder

In fact, patients with different anxiety disorders have shown significant reduction in cognitive impairment, anxiety and improved speech performance while using this oil. In addtion, unlike other conventional medications for anxiety disorders, which often lead to side effects and additional symptoms, this option has no shown adverse effects in such cases.

4. Cancer Treatment

If you are tired of the extremely invasive and expensive cancer treatment options that often come with a fair share of side effects, CBD Hemp oil from Cellista could just be what you need. The product has shown its effectiveness as an anti-cancer agent as it normally helps in blocking cancer cells from quickly spreading around the body and invading entirely new areas.

It also suppresses growth of the cancer cells and even promotes their death. The low toxicity levels of CBD makes it ideal for use over long periods of time without causing any significant harm to the body. Whether you have lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer or leukemia, the product can be of great help.

5. Lowering Incidences of Diabetes

If you are a diabetic, you can also rely on Hemp oil from Cellista to treat the same. Type 1 diabetes in particular is normally caused by the inflammation that results when a person’s immune system attacks those cells that are in the pancreas.

CBD on the other hand has been known to help in easing such inflammation in the pancreas, hence relieving symptoms that are associated with type 1 diabetes.

Moreover, the product has also been found to play a very significant role in regulating levels of insulin within the body, which is key in regulating blood sugar levels and ultimately diabetes.

6. Quitting Smoking and Drug Addiction 

Are you hooked to smoking or other drugs and are trying to quit the habit but all efforts are proofing to be futile? Then CBD oil from could be of great help for you.

Promising evidence has shown that a smoker who uses an inhaler containing the CBD compound is likely to smoke fewer cigarettes and have no additional nicotine cravings. In fact, most of the symptoms that are experienced by those people with substance abuse disorders such as, insomnia, pain, anxiety and mood symptoms are greatly reduced by CBD.

7. Relieves Nausea

For centuries, cannabis has been known to contain compounds that help in suppressing nausea and vomiting. In fact, animal studies have shown that CBD possesses anti-nausea effects and when administered in low doses, it can help in suppressing toxin-induced vomiting.

8. Skin Care and Acne Treatment

Are you concerned about the reoccurring acne on your face? If the answer is yes, it may be time for you to make an order for CBD Hemp oil from Cellista.

Acne is a condition that is partly caused by the overworking and inflammation of the sebaceous glands. Hemp oil has been found to be quite effective in lowering the production of sebum, which causes acne. This makes Hemp oil quite reliable in the treatment of vulgaris, a very common form of acne.

The oil is also known to help in promoting a healthy looking skin as it has anti-aging properties. This will keep your skin looking younger, longer.

9. Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

CBD Hemp oil has also been proved to help in preventing the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease, which is a kind of social recognition deficit. This simply means that the product can prevent people in their early stages of the Alzheimer’s disease from losing the ability to recognize faces of the people they know.



Cellista purchase is legal in all 50 states and Canada. You can feel completely at ease buying it.  If you any doubts or want to ask a few more questions to put you at ease, your local healthcare provider or experts from Cellista can advise accordingly.

Final Verdict

Although marijuana has been proved to help in treating a range of medical conditions, unsupervised use of cannabis products can have adverse effects on an individual’s mental health, especially when used over a long period of time or when used in large quantities.

These may range from cognitive impairment and paranoia. For this reason, you should seek comprehensive medical advice when using any cannabis containing products.

In spite of this, CBD Hemp oil from Cellista has been proved to have more benefits as it can treat conditions that even conventional medications have failed to treat.

Moreover, being a natural product, it has been found to be safer compared to other forms of treatment. Whether you or someone under your care is suffering from any of the above conditions or wants to leave an addiction, the experts from Cellista offer you a proven solution- CBD oil.


With nothing to lose, 100% money back guarantee and only natural benefits to gain, isn’t it time you start saying YES to CBD oil and a a better life?

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