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8 Reasons To Add Hemp Oil Into Your Daily Routine

Hemp oil has all the benefits of marijuana and none of the adverse side effects.

For most people, this might be a little tricky to wrap your head around, because of it’s close association with it’s partly legal, sometimes illegal cousin, depending on what state you live in.

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While cannabis continues to gain popularity and support, because of all of the breakthrough research showing that it is useful in a variety of situations, hemp oil is already widely available and waiting for you to discover it’s benefits.

Think of it this way. You get all the same benefits from gluten free bread as you do from regular bread. The only difference is there is no gluten in the first. That’s the same thing with hemp and hemp oil. You’re getting all the benefits without ingesting the one ingredient that might not be good for you.

Go ahead and clear up any misconception by reading more.


Hemp is not Cannabis

Hemp oil has been gaining a lot of popularity lately due to the incredible health and skin benefits it offers. Although bigger claims like curing cancer stay unverified, yet there are plenty of ways in which it contributes to your health.

Since hemp can be grown anywhere, it is quite common to come across Hemp Seed Oil, the pure extracts of the plant. Processed from the seeds of the Hemp plant, which is a member of the cannabis family, Hemp seed oil is all about wellness, unlike hash or cannabis oil.

Unlike cannabis, hemp does not contain THC, the ingredient associated with people getting ‘high.’ That means, with hemp oil, you get all the benefits and none of the side effects. No munchies, becoming fog headed, or having slower reaction time for you.

Rich in Omega 3, lipids and several beneficial vitamins, here are some extraordinary benefits of hemp oil that you might be unaware of.

The Surprising Benefits of Hemp Oil

1. A Natural Health Supplement

Hemp Seed Oil is known to contain fatty acids or lipids which can be highly advantageous to our body if consumed in a cold, uncooked way. The best way to do this is by adding hemp oil to your salad dressing or as a garnish every once in a while. This will provide you with much-needed nutrition. However, using it for cooking can be unhealthy, as increasing the temperature of this oil converts all the lipids into saturated fats, turning its healthy constituents into unhealthy ones.

2. Helps Balance Hormones

Hormonal imbalance is something each one of us has to tackle at least once in our lifetime. Surprisingly, Hemp Seed Oil has been known to have notable effects in helping people maintain balanced hormones.

Gamma- Linolenic Acid, a rare constituent found in Hemp Seed Oil, gets converted into a protective hormonal prostaglandin PGE1. This not only balances your hormones but also contributes significantly to better menopausal health.

Women, if you’re noticing the familiar signs of an emotional rollercoaster coming on during that time of the month, you might want to reach for hemp seed oil. Your body and those around you will definitely appreciate it.

3. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Unlike palm oil and sunflower oil, hemp oil is actually good for your cholesterol. It has the ability to reduce your cholesterol level and is one of the reasons why it is so popular among people with heart issues.

Hemp seed oil is first of its kind vegetable oil that is scientifically proven to contain Omega 6 fatty acids and Omega 3 together. Both of these ingredients are known to speed up your metabolism process. This, in turn, lowers your cholesterol level. The higher your metabolism rate is, the more fat you burn, which help prevents fat accumulation on the walls of arteries.

4. Protects Your Nerve Cells 

Nerve cells are one of those integral circuits that make up your body that controls all of the major functions. They’re very imporant, and need to be protected by keeping your cell membranes strong.

The essential fatty acids found in hempseed oil do just that. They strengthen the cell membrane of nerve cells to prevent any dysfunction or damage in them.

5. A Good Oil For Diabetics

A major part of the world population battles with diabetes today. Most of the edible oils contain a relatively high amount of sugar and carbohydrates. Hemp Seed Oil is known to have the lowest carb and sugar content of all the edible oils commonly used by people.

For a person with diabetes, this can help cut down a significant amount of regular sugar and carbohydrate intake. Don’t live in constant fear of your blood sugar spiking, instead use hemp oil as substitutes in salad dressings, dips, and other dishes.

6. Has Skin Rejuvenation Benefits

The benefits of Hemp Oil are not just limited to the internal organs. That’s right, hemp seed and hemp oil are used widely in everyday skin products.

Many top companies, who have recognized the benefit of this extract, are using it in creams, lotions, and even several other cosmetics. Hemp oil has been known to have wonderful skin revitalizing powers.

Its Omega content makes it a natural emollient without any side effects. It doesn’t only moisturize your skin; it also helps to make it more supple, while getting rid of aging signs like dark spots, wrinkles, and lines.

7. Cure For Dry Hair 

After constant coloring, shampooing and heat styling, our hairs tend to lose their natural luster and shine. The dryness is not only unpleasant to look at but also a sign of unhealthy hair.

Using hemp oil alone, or with essential oils as well, can do wonders in restoring the thickness, volume, and shine to your hair.

Find out which essential oils will help with hair loss, brittleness, and restore shine in an upcoming post soon.

If you’re not ready to use it directly as a hair oil, you can use conditioners that use hemp oil as a base. Its beneficial fatty acids work their magic on your soon to be beautiful head of hair just as they do in the skin. Bye bye dryness, hello shiny, healthy, beautiful locks.

8. Prevents  Psoriasis and Varicose Veins

Psoriasis is a skin condition caused due to lack of Omega-6 fatty acids, which is rarely found in our everyday food items. Using hemp as your edible oil every once in a while will help you maintain the required content of Omega-6 fatty acids in your body and ensure that you won’t have to worry about psoriasis.

Varicose veins, on the other hand, is caused due to deficiency of Omega-3, which is another rare ingredient of our everyday diet. Hemp seed oil has plenty of Omega 3 and can help prevent issues like varicose veins as well as blood clotting.

Forget What You Thought and Embrace Hemp Seed Oil

We’re constantly learning new things that challenge our previous ideas. This could be learning you do like a type of food you thought you didn’t before, growing more comfortable wearing flats instead of heels on a night out, and even, rethinking whether or not to incorporate hemp into your life.

In fact, now that it is a part of skin and hair care products too, you might find yourself already using it unknowingly. However, making it a part of your everyday life can result in a ton of obvious benefits to both your health and appearance.

Add it to your starter pack with your picks for the most popular essential oils to start with, even if you’re new to them.

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Over the last two years, Hemp Seed Oil has gradually become the new go-to ingredient for people, and within no time, It will continue to get the recognition its due.

Be ahead of the curb and starting reaping the benefits of hemp seed oil today. Soon, everyone will be asking you what your secret is.

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