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Use These Essential Oils To Detoxify Your Body

Detox retreats are becoming more and more popular as the environment we live in becomes more and more polluted. In today’s less than pristine environment, taking extra effort to release unneeded and toxic substances from the body can mark the dividing line between vitality and fatigue.

Today many people are using essential oils as a detox with impeccable results, and you should consider joining them.

As cleansing agents, the essential oils derived from some sources are widely used in the holistic healing communities. However, it is important to add a clean eating and detox program to help the body release the harmful toxins.

Help Your Body Handle the Overflow

Your body is naturally armed with several detox organs like liver, kidney, skin, lungs and blood. These organs are engaged in a constant elimination of the substances that are not good for the body. But the problem occurs when the toxin level goes beyond the limit that you can naturally handle.

This excess toxin level in your body is a result of the ingestion of unhealthy foods as well as prolonged exposure to environmental pollutants. These excess toxins can manifest into symptoms such as fatigue, constipation, bad breath, low immunity, hormone imbalances, skin problems, poor circulation, and depression.



Essential oils derived from such sources as lemon, grapefruit or juniper help you to fight against these symptoms caused by foreign toxins. If you are looking for a quick way to get started with your detox you probably have some of these ingredients in your cabinet at home.

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How can these essential oils help you to detox?

There are lots of ways oils can help you detox, but one of the easiest ways is to massage them onto your skin before taking a bath. Through the pores of the skin, they enter into your bloodstream. Once they are in the bloodstream, they travel to various parts of the body through the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Another popular way to gain the benefits if you don’t have time for a bath, or simply just don’t have a tub at home, is to use an essential oil diffuser.

These essential oils have a rather complex chemical structure and yield a direct effect on your body. It also livens up your mind and spirit.

Essential oils for detox

Here are the descriptions of some of the major essential oils for detox bath to cleanse your body and soul.

Lemon oil

  • This citrus oil is good for stimulating white blood cells and strengthens body’s immune system. The essential oil extracted from lemon has a good detoxifying effect on the liver.

Grapefruit oil 

  • This antiviral, antiseptic, diuretic essential oil is good for cleansing your digestive system and skin. In some people, however, this may cause photosensitivity.

Juniper Berry oil

  • This oil has a calming effect on your nerves and helps to remove cellulite. It can also contribute to clear out your urinary tract
  • The spicy aroma of this oil also helps to alleviate your moods and fight depression. It is also an antiviral, antiseptic, diuretic and pain relieving essential oil. Particularly good at reducing the symptoms of rheumatism by eliminating uric acid from the system. The spicy aroma of this oil helps to alleviate your moods and fight depression.

Juice or Veggies Cleanses Are Not Enough

In some cases, people choose to use veggies and juices for detox instead of essential oils. While fruit and vegetable juices cleanse blood, lymphatic tissue, and intracellular fluids, namely, the water-based areas of the body, they leave others clogged. Some critical areas of your body are simply just not water-based, so using essential oils is still a very important part of detoxing.

Target Stubborn Toxins

The fatty tissues tend to be where we “tuck away” toxins from the environment. Heavy metals, petrochemicals from exhaust fumes, skin care products, and household cleaners, chemicals such as pesticides, all end up in the fatty tissues of your brain, devours system, liver, and kidneys. Once these substances are in the fatty areas of the body, they are harder to flush out than the toxins that are in more active circulation of the blood and body tissues.

How to Detoxify Fatty Tissues

This is one of the instances where essential oils shine through in the detox picture. They are fat soluble and easily penetrate the body’s fatty areas. They even contain substances called sesquiterpenes that can cross the blood-brain barrier and work to cleanse and strengthen the brain tissues. They also work to break down petrochemicals. Essential oils for heavy metal detox is one of the safest and quickest ways to purify your body.

During a detox period, they can be taken internally along with juice, massaged into the skin, and added to colon hydrotherapy treatments.

Just make sure you’re using the best quality oils from top brands. This way you can ensure you’re not adding more chemicals or artificial ingredients into your system.

Many professionals argue that using essential oils as a detox is better than tea or cleanse.

Oil Quality is Critical

Be sure to do a quick double check on your oils. Do not use an essential oil internally or topically for cleansing purposes unless it is clearly labeled as safe for internal use. Also, note that oils not labeled as safe for internal use may be contaminated with chemicals or plant substances not listed on the label.

Other than that, get started today and start feeling yourself lighten as the toxins that were weighing you down start to be flushed away.


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