Reviewed Best doTerra Diffusers and Top Picks

Looking for a diffuser is a big deal and it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed with all the choices out there.

Some people may laugh, but anyone who is serious about reaping the benefits of essential oils knows that getting a quality product can make all the difference in any experience.

The benefits of essential oils are proven. Whether you use them for massages, in your bath, to restore hair shine, or any of the other countless benefits they promote, getting both quality oils, and using them in the correct way make all the difference.

In fact, many people who have previously tried EO and write them off, simply have just used low grade products.

This makes sense. It would be like if you were going to climb Mount Everest and instead of getting a high quality, specially designed for all-weather jacket, you went to Target and bought any big poofy jacket that mentions goose down lining on it somewhere. Now, nothing against Target, I absolutely love and spend way too much time there, but it isn’t the one stop place for all situations and products. I know, it’s hard to believe, but it’s just not.

You need something specially made for your activity.



It’s been proven that the benefits of aromatherapy can be achieved through proper usage of high-quality essential oils. This, therefore, means that you have a vital decision to make when choosing an essential oil diffuser. But with so many diffusers in the market, making this decision can be quite difficult.

The solution- stick with tried and true brands and products which have been tested and approved by thousands of happy customers.

doTerra Diffuser Mean Quality

If you are familiar with essential oils, you know that there are two main brands and companies that dominate the industry. One is Young Living and the other is doTerra. With so many great essential oil brands and products, standing out is quite an accomplishment. See how they stack up against either other in our comparison between the two.

While we are huge fans of Young Living here, and you can check out their top diffusers, we know that some of the products run in the higher price range, which just isn’t affordable for every budget type.

That’s why we’ve decided to take a look into an equally popular, and well known brand, which is also known for being more affordable without compromising on quality, doTerra.

If you’ve been wanting to get started, or add to your collection of diffusers, the following is a review of the top picks of the best doTerra oil Diffusers your can enjoy today.


doTerra Petal Diffuser

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The DoTerra Petal Diffuser is a small but easy-to-use diffuser perfect for both amateur and professional essential oil users.  Its small, compact styling is another feature that makes it quite attractive. With such a design it can easily blend in anywhere in your home or office. It releases a soothing mist to cover 330 square feet of space and it’s soft, white ambient light does not disturb at nighttime.

Its three set timings for 1, 2 and 4 hours let you customize the unit to discharge essential oils to the air as needed. It’s perfect for use at both home and office and can be easily cleaned by wiping the inside with a cloth.


Not only is its maximum run time 4 hours, this is when it is usually empty and turns off. This is more like a safety feature which protects the unit from any potential damage if the unit is not refilled on time.

The mist dispersal system is very effective. There is no need of pointing it in any direction to have mist reach you. It goes up and effectively disperses itself to a radius of 330 sq. ft. As the diffuser has a plastic body, there is no danger of any breakage if it accidently falls. Besides, it’s solid bottom prevents possible tipping too.

Find the best prices and more information here


Aroma Lite Diffuser

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The Aroma Lite Diffuser from DoTerra is the perfect diffuser to use for dealing with allergies, fear and anxiety, healing dry skin and of course, for relaxation. It works in places needing cleansing, refreshing and to add humidity to the air.

This product utilizes some of the latest technological features to ensure that its performance gives you exactly what you need- long running disbursement without using up a lot of oil. Perfect to leave by your, or you’re child’s bed at night, to add some moisture in the air, keep bugs away, or boost your immune system while you sleep.

The device is very powerful but incredibly silently as well as portable. Enjoy purified air wherever you are, whenever you want, with the confidence that your work, relaxation, or sleep will not be disturbed.  This feature together with the optional soft night light makes Aroma Lite Diffuser ideal for usage during nighttime.

Its real-time atomization technology creates an ultra-fine mist that releases 1-3 microns so that the oils quickly fill up even a 500 sq. ft.  room. Its multiple settings let you customize the intermittent diffusion of a few drops of essential oils for a maximum of eight hours or on a continuous basis for four hours. Not overfilling the diffuser keeps it running for a longer time as overfilling it pressurizes the vibration clip and makes water leak into the system.


The small and compact diffuser is perfect for travelling. It works without any buzzing or gurgling noise and has an optional light for use at night. Cleaning is easy, using warm water and a cotton swab.

One feature that is especially hand for a busy lifestyle is the real-time automation feature. This allows you to set a timer on your diffuser, so that it can turn on and off, even while you’re not around. Schedule it to turn on just before you get home from work, so you’re greeted with relaxing aromas after a long day, or set it to run at night during winter to purify and add moisture into the air while you sleep.

Find the best prices and more information here


Aroma-Ace Diffuser

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Aroma-Ace diffuser just like the Aroma Lite Diffuser has utilized modern technology to give you the best aromatherapy. For instance, it uses cold air diffusion technology to diffuse the essential oils without heating them up. This is a crucial feature that ensures the oils retain their purity and health benefits.

It converts essential oils into microfine droplets that are diffused into the room. Since the droplets were never heated, they remain at room temperatures as mist. This makes it very easy for the aromatic mist to spread throughout the room and stay fresh for a longer time.

The Aroma Ace Diffuser is a technologically advanced aromatherapy system that connects directly to the essential oil bottle to dispel strong mists through multiple settings. It’s easy to use, compact in design and powerful in force with built-in on/off timers and easily adjusted output volume control.

The Aroma Ace diffuser is more a nebulizer which uses a pump to atomize the essential oil into a fine mist of tiny particles that remain suspended in the air for a few hours after switching the unit off.

As there’s no need of placing oil drops into the unit as a bottle of oil is directly connected to it, changing oils is so much easier and mess free. There’s no need of cleaning the unit if you want to use different oil; just change bottles.



The Aroma-Ace diffuser has three key settings: One of the settings deals with the time through which you want it to remain either on or off. When the timer is on, then the diffuser releases essential oils for between 15 to 20 minutes and when off it remains un-operational for the same period. This setting is automated such that on and off features alternate automatically.

The next setting is where you can customize the intensity of the mist being released. This gives you a chance to use the essential oils efficiently without any unnecessary wastage. You can also utilize this feature to control how concentrated you want the mist to be.

Finally, you can control the distance that you’d wish the diffuser spray to cover. This setting is termed “Volume.” At maximum, a single diffusion can cover as much as 1000 square feet!

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Lotus Diffuser

Find the best prices here 

The Lotus diffuser is another diffuser from DoTerra which uses the help of a highly efficient, real time aromatization technology to diffuse essential oils into the environment. It works by atomizing the oils into active oxygen anions and tiny ion particles. This makes the oil much more easily absorbed by the human body than when compared to oils diffused using conventional diffusers.

The Lotus Diffuser is contemporarily designed to look like a decorative piece in your home and office. It is small in size and takes up minimal surface area but covers a maximum of 330 sq. ft. of area with your favorite scents. It diffuses oil without any noise, and can run for a maximum of 3 hours with a refill.

The diffuser works on three different settings of 1, 2 or 3 hours and comes with an optional soft, white night light for night time use. The reservoir can be easily cleaned and refilled just by removing the unit’s front panel. With the automatic turn-off timer in place, the unit automatically shuts off when there is no water or oil in the unit, making it safe to use even in your child’s room.


If you’re looking to reap the benefits of diffusion but are concerned with the appearance of other bigger, bulky diffusers, the Lotus is your answer.

The slender designing of the Lotus Diffuser also means that it is very light and portable. It can thus be conveniently transported and used almost anywhere.

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Buy Quality Products

This is the takeaway message. Whether you’re contemplating a doTerra diffuser, Young Living diffusers, ZAQ, Zen,  or another brand, taking just a little bit of time to compare your options can make all the difference. Be your own wellness advocate and find what works best for you.

It’s going to be worth it to invest in a good quality diffuser instead of buying a cheaper one, which will use up more of your oils and that you’ll have to keep replacing.

Aromatherapy has been proven to have incredible benefits on an individual’s health, spirit, and mind. With sound diffusers and the right essential oils, you have a fantastic opportunity to improve the quality of your life.

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