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Essential Oils For Depression

For long depression was perceived as a mere feeling of being “down” or “not in the mood.” Lots of people used to think of it as something imaginary asking people with the condition that it is “all in their head.”

In recent years, fortunately, depression has got the sort of attention it needs. This is a real illness that has claimed lots of people’s lives through, e.g., suicide. This disease massively affects the brain, and if left unattended the damage escalates rendering one incapable of living a healthy life.

The World Health Organization describes depression as among the biggest disabling disorders worldwide that affect approximately one in every ten men and one in every five women at some point in their lives. The condition affects a considerable number of people and is important to talk about.

The different types of depression

Scientifically, depression is said to be an outcome of chemical imbalances. The disease is, however, a lot more complicated than that. There are so many underlying factors whose continued presence ends up in different forms of this disease.

Preexisting medical conditions especially mental illness will also play a role in determining the type of depression you get.

The common types are:

  1. Major depression
  2. Persistent depressive disorder
  3. Psychotic depression
  4. Seasonal affective disorder
  5. Postpartum depression

Symptoms of Depression

If you experience any of these signs you may have depression: 

  • Restlessness and irritability
  • Anxious, and persistently sad
  • “Empty” moods
  • Loss of appetite
  • Feelings of worthlessness, guilt, and helplessness
  • Loss of interest in previous hobbies
  • Problems concentrating, making decisions and remembering
  • Low energy levels, i.e., constantly fatigued
  • Problems sleeping or oversleeping
  • Suicidal thoughts

These are just but a few common signs of depression. Majority of these symptoms will show up a week or so before depression hits you. It’s thus advisable that you seek medical assistance as soon as you notice them.

Causes of Depression

We already know that depression is due to chemical imbalances but what exactly leads your body into having more of a particular compound than another?

Well, this is due to the following factors:

Life Events

Various life events can trigger depression. Difficulties such as work stress, prolonged loneliness/isolation, being in an uncaring/abusive relationship and long-term unemployment can all lead to depression.

There are also unexpected events that can have a massive impact on one’s life, and the shock ends up in depression. These include the death of a family member, diagnosis of chronic disease and losing a job unexpectedly.


Personal Factors

Some personal factors like your family history play a role in determining your risk of getting depression. If your family is genetically susceptible to this disease, then you need to be on the lookout and avoid any possible triggers that can lead to depression.

Your personality can also put you at risk of getting depressed. If you tend to worry a lot, have low self-esteem, or are acutely sensitive, then you are more likely to get depression.

Drugs abuse and excessive use of alcohol can also be contributing factors.

Treating Depression

Treating depression can involve consultation and therapy sessions. The exact type and strategy of treatment vary from patient to patient depending on the specific symptoms and form of depression.

However, there is another option that has proven to work for many, that is quicker, more cost effective, and much easier. That would be tackling depression is through essential oils.

How does this work you may wonder?

Well, just imagine being in a space where your entires surddouning is enveloped by soothing, calming, mood boosting aromatherapy.  Your entire atmosphere is not only transformed to make you feel relaxed but also helps you to enjoy medicinal benefits while tackling the symptoms of depression.

What essential oils are good for depression

1. Lavender Oil 

Easily one of the best essential oil for depression. The oil has been used since the ancient Roman times. Recent studies have confirmed its ability to combat depression and manage anxiety.

Two separate studies done on women with postnatal depression and PTSD patients both portrayed the potency of lavender oil to treat depression. In the patients with PTSD linked to depression, with daily usage of lavender oil, 32.7% of users report they felt better.

How to use: This oil should be used through a diffuser or by applying it directly on your wrist or behind the ears where it’s absorbed. One of our favorites is this oil from doTerra.

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2.  Grapefruit Oil

Using this essential oil helps to energize both your body and brain improving their performance thanks to its intense citrusy scent. Just like some other citrus oils, grapefruit is known to enhance neuroendocrine hormone levels and will also strengthen your immune system in the process.

In fact, one 1995 study showed that using grapefruit oils can even have a more significant impact than some antidepressants.

Grapefruit essential oil is used through a diffuser, or you can add a few drops in your shower where you’ll witness instant rejuvenation.

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3. Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang Ylang oils have a floral aroma that’ll go a long way towards ensuring that those negative and guilty thoughts have no place in your mind. A clinical trial published in 2006 proved that utilizing Ylang Ylang oils through aromatherapy can relieve stress and depression in humans. It will also help in promoting hormonal balance which is crucial in preventing irritability, depression and mood swings.

Recommended: For best and fast results Ylang Ylang oil should be applied directly around the feet, neck, behind the ears, and on your wrists.

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4. Roman Chamomile Oil 

Roman chamomile oil is an herbaceous floral scented oil with excellent calming properties that bring your body and brain into a state of peace. This oil has even been quoted to have as effective an impact as clinical antidepressants, and able to provide you all the benefits without exposing you to any harmful side effects.

How to use: Roman chamomile oil can be inhaled directly by rubbing two drops in your hand and cupping your nose or mouth. You can also add it to your diffuser and enjoy its magic through aromatherapy.

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5. Bergamot Oil

Bergamot essential oil has a distinctive citrusy taste which comes with significant therapeutic benefits. The oil also contains alpha-pinene and limonene making the oil excellent as a hormonal balance and anti-depressant agent.

The oil is also useful in boosting mood, increasing energy levels, fighting anxiety, and promoting blood circulation.

Recommended blend: Bergamot oil can be combined with lavender essential oil to get even quicker relief.

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6. Basil Oil

Basil essential oil contains vitamin c and antioxidants that assist in alleviating stress, calming the nervous system and reducing inflammation. The oil can also stimulate adrenal glands offering relief from chronic fatigue and boost energy levels.

Basil is ideal for dispelling apathy and encourages a more positive mindset while increasing energy levels needed to get through an active and full-filling day.

Recommended blend: The oil is best used through a diffuser where it can be mixed with peppermint oil.

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Discover your smile again

These essential oils are a brilliant way not just for treating depression but also in preventing the disease. They keep your chemicals and hormones at the check which should see you enjoy healthier and more productive days.

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