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All Natural Super Effective Bug Repellent Oils

Earlier this week we talked about essentials oils can help manage or stop allergies that are often associated with spring, the blooming flowers, and nature shedding its winter coat away, and embracing the sun.

As if allergies weren’t enough to deal with, this time of year also brings around, you guessed it, bugs. Perfect for pollination but not so much for your evenings outside, outdoor BBQs, or if you just want to get some cool air into the house by sleeping with the windows open.

This is a particularly sore subject for my husband and me, because bugs LOVE him, and I can’t sleep if the windows aren’t open.

Thankfully there is a solution. Essential oils can help repel mosquitoes, flies, spiders, and other critters I like to think aren’t around.


Hello Summer- We’ve been Waiting For You

Summer is around the corner and all the bugs that crawled out during the rainy months of spring are still going to be around with all the annoyances they bring. No one likes the idea of bugs invading their house or spoil the outdoor plans you have in place.

Don’t worry; it is still possible to have all the summer fun without even having to think about the itchy bug bites or the toxic chemicals that make up your common everyday repellent.

Like with so many things the best thing to do, is listen to nature, and realize just how many options there are to keep you, and your loved ones safe, without the use of any chemicals or toxins.

The truth is, no processed bug spraycan claim to be 100% natural which means that you have to go the DIY way and use essential oils for repellent. One simple mix and you’re protected on the go and at home.

Essential oils for insects

Essential oils are made by mixing a variety hydrocarbons that contain compounds with monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes that are effective in repelling bugs. Other than just that, they smell nice and have tons of other benefits both physically, mentally, and spiritually

Here are some essential oils that would be an excellent way to say bug off to those pesky insects.

1. Lemon Eucalyptus 

Lemon Eucalyptus– also known as PMD- is usually used for repelling mosquitoes and an especially good essential oil for ticks.  The oil, which is derived from the lemon eucalyptus plant, contains traces of DEET but without its negative effects. Just be sure to keep PMD away from your eyes and mouth.

Use: Lemon is also known to energize the mind and be a great cleaning and disinfecting agent. Simply add it to your cleaning products and use it around the house to sanitize any mess your children or four-legged friends may bring into the house.

2. Clove

A 2005 study on the efficacy of essential oils as bug repellents show clove oil as one of the oils with the longest lasting effects. Clove has 100% repellency for up to 4 hours. If you’re outside, feel free to make your own bug repellent blend, using clove oil and your favorite carrier oil. Pack it in your bag, and you’ll never have to worry where your day takes you.

Use: Just put a few drops of clove oil into your home diffuser to keep bedrooms or common rooms bug-free, or use a portable diffuser and place it outside while you enjoy your garden.

3. Citronella 

My GO TO oil to keep the mosquitoes away!

Citronella is widely used in many repellent products including candles, sprays, rubs, and bulbs. Citronella has been used traditionally in many cultures and has proven results as an essential oil  for mosquito repellent, as well as deterring ants, black flies, and preventing attacks from ticks.

Not only does it keep the bugs away, but Citronella is very animal-friendly; you don’t have to worry about your pets- matter of fact, it is safe enough to use on a dog collar.

Other Recipes and Inspiration

Here are some quick and easy mixtures that you can make at home using simple kitchen ingredient and essential oils to make effective insect repellents.

Garlic. Cinnamon. Cayenne Pepper Powder

You can mix several bottles of dried garlic, Cinnamon and Cayenne Powder in equal proportions. Put several drops of essential oils then mic until the powder is consistent.

Use:Start with a small or large batch; there is no limit to how much of this mixture you can make. After you’ve done this, sprinkle this mixture around you home just about every month during spring and summer, and you have a bug-proof buffer. The essential oils will work to neutralize the smell of garlic and cayenne, and you’ll be left with a good smelling, insect free home.

Vinegar with herbs and water

Vinegar is the jack of all trades around the house. It’s not just an excellent addition to your favorite recipes, and a great agent to use while cleaning, it can also be a fantastic insect repellent when mixed with just a couple other ingredients.

Use: Half fill a spray bottle with a generous amount of either apple cider or white vinegar. Put in your choice of mint, lavender, thyme, catnip or sage then top up with water. Add a few drops of any essential oils listed above, shake well, and let is seep overnight. That’s it you’re done, you’ve just made yourself a pungent insect repellent.

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Vodka and Essential Oils

This one may sound a little odd, but here me out here. Vodka is another of those versatile multipurpose items that you may very well have in your household. Now, we all know vodka is for cocktails, but it’s also so much more than that, you just have to get a little creative.

Use: Fill a spray bottle with any bottom-shelf vodka then add 15-20 drops of any of the essential oils mentioned above. You can safely use this mixture almost everywhere, including your clothes, to ensure that bugs will never be a bother. Guess they’re not big vodka fans. It may take a minute or two to get used to the smell, but don’t worry it will dissipate, kind of like when you use rubbing alcohol on scrapes and skinned knees.

Witch Hazel, Herbs and Water

If you’re a fan of witch hazel, and who isn’t, feel free to try this natural bug repellent out instead. Follow the same steps above for the vinegar recipe, but instead, substitute the vinegar with witch hazel. You can also use tap water with this one instead of distilled water.

Just Say No to Toxic Chemicals

Our bodies have enough work to do as is without adding more toxins into the mix. Many popular bug repellents try to trick us into thinking that the higher the DEET or whatever active ingredient is in their product, the better it’s going to be at keeping the bug away. That is simply just not true.

For millions of years, nature has found and perfected its defense system against these insects without causing harm to itself. This is the type of example we want to follow. With natural insect repellents, you will get just as good, if not better results, without adding poisoning your home or putting other people and your pets at risk.

Say no to the toxic chemical that need you to add more and more onto your skin to keep the bugs away. This can lead to skin irritation and a host of respiratory problems.

Save money with these super effective bug repellents by using products you already have around the house. Even better news, the best essential oils for repelling mosquitos and all those other bugs, are safe enough to use in homes with pets and little children. One less thing to worry about.

Pro tip

When moving into a new house, you can beat the bugs ahead of time by inspecting your new home to enable you to mitigate any bug and pest problems that may exist. These natural remedies can still come in handy to kick the bugs out before you move in.

If all else fails and you don’t manage to set out your diffuser or spray in time, you can always turn to some relieving anti-inflammatory essential oils for bug bites. Either way, those pesky insects won’t be ruining your day. 

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