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Oils That Will Make Your Beard Irresistible

Alright gentlemen, this one is for you.

Well, also, ladies with gentlemen in their lives whether it is your boyfriend, husband, son, or father.

Essential oils are mostly used by women. While this is pretty much accepted, it’s a shame. With all the benefits they bring, mentally, physically, environmentally, they shouldn’t be as gender specific as they are.

That’s why today, I’m writing about how men can use essential oils to step up your beard game.

What Is Beard Oil and How Is It Used 

Last week I wrote a post how essential oils are the secret behind great hair. They can be used to strength, thicken, and promote hair growth along with a whole lot of other benefits.

Naturally it makes sense if essential oils are good for your hair, they’re going to be good for your beard. Let’s explore how.

If you have a beard, you’re probably familiar with beard oil. For those who are not, beard oil is a cosmetic product. It is used to keep the skin under a man’s beard smooth and soft against the scruff of a beard. It is also meant to hydrate the skin. It does offer similar comparisons to the natural oils your skin produces on a regular basis.

When combined with other oils, namely essential oils like lavender, Lime, and other earthly oils can be used to give it that extra kick.

The Ingredients

Ingredients such as hemp seed, grape seed, argan and coconut oil are often found in beard oil. It is meant to be a conditioner of sorts.

Does your man have dry skin? Does he have sensitive skin? Does he often itch uncontrollably? Beard oil is meant to combat this. Some men get really itchy with their beards on their face, no matter how thick or thin their beard is. Beard oil is really good at controlling this problem.

It can come in either scented or an unscented version, much like other essential oils. Men who do not mind a light fragrance opt for scented beard oils, often earthy smells.

Essential oils for beards

Now, think of the benefits you get from beard oils, combined with the benefits you get from essential oils. All you have to do is mix them together and you’re basically unstoppable.

Comb, no comb, one or a hundred people running their hands through your beard. By using this combo, you know it’s still going to look glorious and your skin won’t be chaffed afterwards.

The Benefits

If my enthusiasm didn’t convince you, maybe facts will.

The first benefit was already laid out for you above. The application process will act as a shield for your face. It will keep your skin hydrated, all the while keeping your face protected. This is most important in colder conditions and climates. Women, this if your chance to get the man in your life a gift they didn’t even know they needed.

Your man’s skin will not feel as dry, and his skin will not be as dried out or prone to cracks, especially during these conditions. Keep away the dandruff and flakiness with just one simple application.

There are certain brands which will have added vitamins, minerals, and other valuable nutrients for added value. This is meant to keep the skin conditioned and full of moisture. These are especially good essential oils for beard growth as well.

A final benefit is over the oil itself. It works as a grooming tool. Your man will be able to sport a cleaner beard. It will not feel as uneven. It will feel better to him when he runs his hands through it or admires it in the mirror. You know, beard appreciation.

Guys with a lighter beard do not have to worry as much. These are the guys who only have the scrappy look. Guys with a fuller and bigger beard, this is where this oil comes in handy the most.

Create your own blend 

While regular beard oil is fine, why not get the most out of something you already use? Most beard oils contain properties found in the most popular essential oils including:

By incorporating essential oils into your mixture, you can easily influence your mood, alertness, and productivity. Reduce your stress, lower your anxiety before a big meeting or interview, or keep yourself alert throughout the day.

Just apply some to your face before you begin your day or as you get ready to go out and you are good to go.

Go get them tiger.

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