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Drops of Joy Jewelry: The Amazing Line of Essential Oil Jewelery

What do you do when you want to enjoy aromatherapy on the go?

You buy a Drops of Joy jewelry. It is really just as simple as that.

Designed as necklaces, bracelets and earrings, each piece of the stylish jewelry contains a diffuser mechanism that releases a therapeutic essential oil fragrance. You can specify the oil you want your piece to diffuse.

The ingenious idea is the brainchild of Sara and Josh Radginski, a Missouri couple that shares a passion for essential oils and aromatherapy. They make each piece of jewelry to perfection, using nothing but their bare hands.

That is part of the reason why Drops of Joy jewelry are amazingly stylish and unique. You can specify how you want yours to look like and they will customize it according to your specifications.

The Jewelry

Other than ability to diffuse essential oils, the next most outstanding feature of Drops of Joy jewelry is their unique and stylish designs. The Radginskis use materials that include gold, silver and beads for durability and elegance. It also ensures variety, so you can choose whichever material you prefer most.

Individually hand made

Every single piece is hand-made and features either a locket-style design with at least one insert (some necklaces have as many as three inserts) or lava stones. For jewelries with lockets, you simply put a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the insert and it will deliver the fragrance for weeks.

When it runs dry you can either use the same oil or change to a different fragrance.

The inserts are reusable, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them often. Although they initially used organic, non-toxic leather for inserts, Sara and Josh have since changed to non-toxic cotton inserts that are certified organic. That’s some welcome news for essential oil users who would prefer not to use animal products during aromatherapy.

The process of applying essential oils on jewelries with lava stones is even easier. They don’t have lockets or inserts, you simply put a few drops of your oil directly on the porous beads. The fragrance will last several days, after which you can reapply or change to a different essential oil or blend.

Perfect for a life on the go 

Whether you prefer a locket or lava stone, having a Drops of Joy jewelry is definitely an amazing way to enjoy aromatherapy, particularly if you are always on a tight schedule or on the go. You get the benefits all day long, plus you get to choose from three types of jewelry – necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

They also make pins and car diffusers for the more minimalistic or always on the road individual.

How It All Started 

Drops of Joy Jewelry was launched in November, 2014. The business end of it might only be 3 years old but Sara and Josh have had an interest in essential oils for a longer time. After some brainstorming, the husband-wife team came up with the idea of putting a twist to essential oil diffusion.

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They figured how conventional diffusers are limited to one place (mostly just one room), making them largely redundant to people who have to constantly move from place to place. With that came the idea of diffusing jewelry. Josh, a computer programmer, created an online platform for the business while Sara, formerly a high school teacher did the creative work. Soon they had elegant, stylish and inspiring jewelry designs that could also offer aromatherapy. The rest, as they say, is history.

The couple has three children. Despite raising a family, they still manage to fulfill all their orders. As a matter of fact Drops of Joy Jewelry now ships internationally. You can make your order from anywhere and it will designed based on your specifications and delivered to your preferred destination.

Their Mission 

Drops of Joy Jewelry strives to spread joy to as many people as possible. They do so by designing unique and customized jewelry that not only bring a sense of happiness and inspiration but also offer aromatherapy. The healing properties of essential oils are key to keeping customers happy, inspired and in a holistically healthy state.

More Joy through Giving Back

The joy spread by Drops of Joy Jewelry goes beyond the company’s customer base. For every sale they make, $2 is donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. So for every purchase you make you are contributing to an amazing cause.

As a customer, you won’t be left behind in the joy. Each hand stamped piece of jewelry comes with highly customized features that are unique, meaningful and exclusive to you. You can choose any design you want and Drops of Joy Jewelry will deliver with unquestionable quality. Check out their site now for the best prices and top picks!

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