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Uncovering How Crystals Work and Understanding Their Benefits

Do you ever just go somewhere, maybe when travelling, at the spa, or another out of the ordinary day type of location and just feel different?

For some unexplained reason, your mood just shifts. It may be that you get a sudden sense of peace, or clarity, maybe you feel like you can breathe better or just feel more alive.

So many of us have these momenets, these interactions with nature and her sourondings, but just aren’t able to place our finger on what exactly it is what has changed. We only know that once the moment shifts again, we’re already missing it.

What you might not realize, is that nature, it’s very foundation, the stones, and rocks, and crystals have a much bigger part on us than we are aware of.

Starting from the beginning

Here we’re going to take a quick look into the basics of crystals and hopefully open your eyes to some lesser known facts and benefits of these beautiful gems.

It is only after you develop a close connection with these gemstones do you realize how much they affect your life.

What are crystals?

You can understand the working of crystals better if you realize that they are energy transmitters. Their crystalline structures help them absorb, focus and impart mild electromagnetic energy.
All living and non-living things tend to vibrate at specific frequencies. Humans especially have a mix of vibrations that quickly go into imbalance and trigger illnesses or diseases.

Many things like electromagnetic stress, a negative atmosphere, and suppressed emotions can affect your unique vibration. Crystals however have a fixed and stable frequency because their controlled lattice structure vibrates pure energy at a steady frequency.

How crystals work

It’s when you are out of balance that the crystal’s pure vibrations interact and change your waves to bring that imbalance closer to harmony. Research has also proven that there are connections between the crystals and the body’s ‘bio’ crystals. Cell salts, fatty tissue and red and white blood cells are some ‘bio’ crystals of the body.

This is what and how crystals can heal your body. It’s this similarity that makes the human body respond to the crystal’s perfect energy fields. And it’s when the stones are nearby that you slowly return to perfect balance and harmony.

The crystals’ vibrations rejuvenate the body by changing all negative and unnecessary vibes in the bones, tissues and unconscious mind. It is accomplished with the help of their natural order, stability and fixed patterns.

Different crystals have their unique benefits which move, direct and diffuse energy through the body. It’s based on their chemical makeup that they vibrate at different frequencies.

Our in depth article highlights a new company Air&Stone that is taking aiming to introduce and populairze the benefits of crystals by offering unique pipes you can use whenever you feel you need a little boost.

Which stone is best?

If you wonder which stone can help you with your problems, it’s interesting your intuition which plays an integral part in making a choice. Though you don’t feel energy buzzing from the stones, your body does pick up the vibrations they emit.

You will know the right stone after picking up a few stones because people are naturally drawn to some crystals.

Here are a few famous stones and their healing properties and benefits:

• Rose quartz

Rose quartz is an opaque crystal with a delicate pink hue, the reason for its name. It’s called the stone of unconditional love that helps open your heart to all types of love.

It proves helpful at strengthening relationships, removing negativity from the atmosphere and in the process, helps create a calm atmosphere around you. Its soothing energy also helps create feelings of empathy, forgiveness, and reconciliation towards the people around you.

For this reason, rose quartz makes a super thoughtful gift for a partner or friend. It is ideal as a wedding gift or an apology because it’s instrumental in maintaining relationships.

• Amethyst

Amethyst is a form of quartz with in-depth purple tips. It is a natural stress reliever that helps clear your mind to help you understand your feelings better. It helps by repelling any negative emotions growing in your body.

It also helps at encouraging and bringing out your body’s inner strength stores. Amethyst is even proven to be helpful for relieving hangovers and curing drunkenness. It also connects to your spirituality and improves your psychic abilities.

• Labradorite

Labradorite is a stone of transformation that helps you become the person you yearn to become. This gem cleanses your surroundings and with the help of your chakras. It also removes any bad habits, thoughts, and feelings blocking and stopping you from reaching your body’s and life’s full potential.

By working to sharpen your intuition and psychic abilities, labradorite helps make you more confident about your actions. You may also find that that this stone helps you express your feelings and follow your inspiration.

Furthermore, your willpower and spiritual focus will be strengthened with a renewed sense of purposefulness in life. With a clear head and rejuvenated energy, you’ll clear way for new ideas and enthusiasm in your work, while being protected from the negativities of life.

Rediscover your own sparkle

Whether you know it or not, crystals do make an impact on your life in more ways than one. But like any other forms of alternative medicine, you first have to be open to and believe in the healing properties of crystals. Once your mind, soul, and body stop blocking and interfering with their vibrations, you’ll really start to reap their benefits!

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