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Essential Oils for Stress Relief

As we say bye bye to Thanksgiving and finish the last of our leftovers ( if there still are any) you might be realizing Christmas is right around the corner!

Now, holidays are supposed to be joyful and filled with love. However, all the commitments, shopping, and to-do lists can take a toll on us both mentally and physically. Thankfully, there are natural ways of helping you feel more relaxed and at peace.

Essential oils make a real difference, especially when used with aromatherapy diffusers to help you spread the essential oils in the air.

I urger you in this season of giving, give yourself the gift of peace and experience nature’s gift of wellness.

So, are you stressed out by the holidays? Find your favorite and start decompressing.

Best Essential Oils for Stress Relief

1. Lavender essential oil

The oil is known as a calming and relaxing herb. Not only that, the scent of the lavender essential oil increases the time you spend in deep sleep. In most cases, sleep issues can rob our bodies the ability to shed the stress of the day.

According to a study from the University of Maryland Medical Center, lavender oil slows the activities of the central nervous system which may result in improved sleep quality. Clinical trials involving the use of a diffuser indicated a reduction of stress and anxiety. The medicinal properties of the oil enter the bloodstream within 5 minutes.

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2. Rose essential oils

It’s the second most sought essential oil after lavender. Rose oil is excellent for stimulating the mind promoting a sense of peace. Out of all the otheressential oils, it has a high vibration frequency which helps to promote the feeling of joy, hope, and a calmness. Research has shown that the smell of roses releases good-feel hormones in the brain.

Application- You can either rub the oil directly on your skin or inhale from the bottle. However, the most powerful way of reducing stress is by adding a few drops in a diffuser and let it spread through the air. This way, your senses are stimulated resulting in a feeling of happiness.

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3. Bergamot

Bergamot oil helps to eliminate stress-induced disorders. While it’s often overlooked because of the strong citrus scent, you can mix it with other essential oils to create a signature scent. Besides that, it can help in reducing agitation and inducing relaxation.

Studies from the American college of health sciences show that bergamot is a powerful mood booster. A group of elementary school teachers known to work under stress was selected and used an inhalation of bergamot. It was found that a 10-minute inhalation resulted in significant reduction of blood pressure. In addition, the degree of anxiety went down.

How to use: To get the stress-reducing benefits from the essential oil, simply add a few drops to your favorite diffuser.

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4. Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang oil is popular due to its calming and uplifting effects. It’s effective when dealing with anger-induced stress.

Although it’s relatively young in the world of essential oils, it helps to decrease the blood pressure. Several studies have shown that the oil is effective in the treatment of acute depression after a shock.

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Benefits of a diffuser

Essential oil diffusers distribute the oil into the air creating a positive effect on the entire body. This is an effective method of addressing the physical, mental, and emotional issues related to stress. It’s a great investment for your overall wellness.

Final thoughts

Unfortunately, the reality is that stress and Christmas season go hand-in-hand. The above essential oils will help you feel more relaxed throughout the holidays. They can be blended to create scents that offer unique aromatherapy benefits. Many people like to use them in diffusers. When in a stressed situation, you simply smell the oil and enjoy the benefits.

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