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MonQ Diffuser Top Picks

Have you tried the MONQ essential oil diffuser yet? It is the latest and perhaps the most creative diffuser of our time. This light, affordable and easy-to-carry diffuser allows you to enjoy aromatherapy anytime, anywhere.

Portable and Easy to Use

It’s canister-shaped and can easily be mistaken for an e-cigarette. However, unlike e-cigarettes, it doesn’t have nicotine, artificial flavoring, or harmful chemicals. It is recyclable, so that’s value for your money.

Pre Blended for Every Need

More importantly, MONQ comes with already blended oils, each of which is suitable for a particular situation. The Happy Blend keeps you blissful by promoting feelings of joy.

If you are losing concentration try the Vibrant Blend which helps your mind focus on the tasks at hand.

The Sleepy Blend is for those who usually have problems falling asleep and/or getting good quality sleep. On the other hand, if you constantly feel fatigued and exhausted, you may want to try the Active Blend.

MONQ’s Healthy Blend boosts your body’s natural immunity while the Zen Blend reduces stress and depression by calming and relaxing you. If you are going through a rough patch romantically, then the MONQ Sexy Blend is there to help. It adds some spice to almost every aspect of your love life.

Mix and Match As You Desire

Remember that you can have as many MONQ diffusers as you need. In fact, you can have all the seven and use them whenever the need arises.

Find Out More

If you want to know more about MONQ, you can visit their website at or follow their social media via: