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Find Relief with These Essential Oils for Pain And Cramps

When you’re in pain, you just want it to stop. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there.

There are a variety of things we turn to in our time of need, pain relieving medicine, heat pads, crawling into the fetal position in bed. Now I’m a big fan of the last two, but when I’m on the go, at work, or running around during my busy day, I will admit, I would reach for the Motrin or Aleve because I knew it would work quickly.

But what I was doing, what we are doing more and more as a society, was adding some chemical and artificial into our bodies, to cover up the inconvenience, while we kept going about out daily lives.

That needed to stop for me. I wanted to find something that worked, but also was natural and not harmful to my body.

Enter essential oils for

Essential oils have been used to enhance lives for centuries. The powerful antioxidants, wonderful fragrances and food-based nutrients found in these oils have always provided an excellent platform for physical as well as emotional wellness.

It is no secret that our modern lifestyles are not the most ideal for physical wellness. We exercise less, and our eating habits are not the best. There are also many environmental toxins that diminish our energy levels and leave our bodies unbalanced. Essential oils can be used to correct these imbalances through supplemental support.

Grab your necessary oils, set them by your favorite diffuser, and rest easy. You’re prepared.

Can essential oils relieve pain and cramps?

On top of the pollution in the air, we also all feel pains and cramps from time to time. Whether sharp or dull, sudden or chronic, these pains make our lives difficult, and at times debilitating. It is almost impossible for our bodies to function at full potential when in pain, whether the pain is acute or chronic. Pain can be as a result of aches, inflammation, arthritis and injuries just to mention a few.

The good news is that there is something you can do to find relief, and you probably already have the tools at your fingertips. Yes, use your essential oils to relieve your body and mind.

While some can be used to reduce or relieve pain thanks to their analgesic properties, others offer anti-inflammatory as well as anti-rheumatic properties.

Essential oils for pain:

1. Peppermint

If you are looking for a versatile and multi-purpose oil, peppermint is a safe bet. It is a cross between spearmint and watermint.

Peppermint essential oils is a great choice for muscle pain. It works to quickly soothing tired and aching muscles. It also relieves arthritis and rheumatism. Peppermint works best when added to a hot bath. It is also very effective when mixed with massage oil to revitalize sore muscles.

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2. Lavender

This is arguably one of the most popular essential oils for pain relief and relaxation. It has sedative and has been known to reduce inflammation.

Lavender is used to relieve joint pain, spasms, headaches, and tension. It is also a great allergy reliever.

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3. Clary sage

Best known as one of the top essential oils for cramps because its soothing and calm effect. Clary sage is great for easing muscle tension, stomach cramps, leg cramps, PMS, and spasms.

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4. Sandalwood

In addition to relieving muscle spasms, sandalwood is best used to calm nerve pain. It does this by sedating the nervous system. Sandalwood oil is extracted from the sandalwood tree. The price of sandalwood oil continues to go up as more and more people discover the effectiveness of this oil.

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5. Juniper

Its antispasmodic properties make juniper a great bet for relieving spasms. It is also used to relieve nerve pain and aches in the joints and muscles.

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What essential oil is good for menstrual cramps?

Not all women are fortunate enough to have a monthly period with just a little bloat. While some breeze through it without any issues, some have to endure excruciating pain for several days. Fortunately for them, research has shown that the essential oils for period cramps exist, and at the top of the list is lavender. Say bye bye to cramp pronto and keep the pain at bay having a diffuser by your bedside, couch, or office.

According to research conducted at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, lavender was found to be a significant relief for women dealing with a painful menstrual cycle or dysmenorrhea. This oil derived from Lavandula angustifolia is a powerful aromatherapy treatment.

It is also useful in dealing with migraine pain, reducing blood pressure and soothing anxiety. That is why this scent is so synonymous with bath oils and skin treatments.

We’re such big fans of lavender, it is our #1 pick for essential oils to start with.

All I have to say about this matter is that my collection consistently contains more than one lavender bottle, and it is a familiar aroma for the diffuser in my bedroom. You know, alongside me, under the covers, in the fetal position and the heating pad.

How to use them

Depending on your preference there are three main ways to use essential oils.

  • Breath them in

    • Diffusers are the most efficient way to disperse the oils throughout your home, office, or common spaces.
  • Apply topically

    • Either directly, with the use of a carrier oil, or through massages.
  • Ingest them

    • In your beverage or food.

We have enough to deal with without our bodies slowing us down, and we don’t have to. Experience what essential oils can do for you and reap the benefits they offer.

Important note:

While essential oils have many benefits, and is one of the top natural remedies for PMS symptoms, to reduce pain and control mood swings, some of them may not be very appropriate for pregnant women. Please consult your doctor before any use. If planning to use for children, please check out all the information you need to know, about proper dilution and which oils are the best for kids.

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