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4 Best Essential Oils For Ringworm

In this post, you will get to know what ringworms are; it’s signs and symptoms, and how to get rid of ringworm by use of a natural home remedy like essential oils.

What is ringworm?

It’s a skin disease caused by a class of fungi known as dermatophytes. Most people believe that ringworm is a disease condition caused by worms, but that isn’t the case. It’s caused by fungi present in the soil and on the skin of people and animals.

They consume the dead skin cells in the outer layer of our skin and thrive in warm, moist, and unclean conditions. An infection will start when the fungi start to multiply in large numbers through an opening in the dermal layer such as a cut or a scratch.

What are the symptoms?

Ringworm on the scalp:

  • Severe itching
  • A red-ringed patch of little blisters or scaly skin
  • Dry, hair or hair loss or brittle in patches

Ringworm on the body:

  • A red-ringed patch of little blisters or scaly skin
  • Severe itching

What causes ringworm?

Ringworm is extremely contagious. You can catch it in any of the following ways:

1. Personal contact

Direct contact with the skin of a person with ringworm can lead to the spread of this infection.You should avoid sharing personal things like clothes.

2. Pets 

Ringworm is very common in animals; therefore, you should be careful how you handle your pets. If your pet is affected, take the right measures and avoid direct contact.

3. Touching personal objects

A ringworm can stay on the surface of towel, clothes, brush, and combs. Therefore, don’t share such things with anyone infected.

4. The soil

The fungus that causes ringworm can stay in soil; therefore, standing barefoot will increase the chances of getting the ringworm.

Essential oils for ringworm

When not treated, ringworm can lead to other complications. To address this problem quickly, you can use natural methods like essential oils as they’re safe, easy, and comfortable to use.

Here are the four of the best ringworm essential oils are:

1. Neem Oil

Is extracted from the Neem tree, a popular plant used in treating various diseases. This extract contains several antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties among others that make it an effective and most reliable anti-fungal agent because of its strength in fighting the microorganisms.

It makes it an ideal oil for use against ringworm. You will see results in as little as ten days.

2. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has widely been used as a sleep-inducing and a stress relieving agent due to its aroma. Few people, however, know it is also a remedy for related skin conditions. It is potent oil that can be used in the fight against ringworm.

It soothes your inflammations and itchy skin, by penetrating the skin to fight ringworm, promote healing and then rejuvenating the appearance of your skin.

Using it eliminates the ringworm in an estimated one week.

3. Thyme Oil 

Not just used in cooking, thyme it is good for other things as well. This oil is undoubtedly among the best anti-fungal agents out there, thanks to the presence of thymol and p-cymene.

How to use: dilute a teaspoonful of carrier oil with at least four drops of thyme oil and apply the mixture to the affected area. Do this 3 times in a day. Your condition will be gone in 3-4 days.

4. Lemongrass Oil

An extract from a medicinal plant, Lemongrass has powerful anti-fungal properties that makes it an effective weapon against ringworm. This is greatly attributed to the presence of esters, ketones, and terpenes.

In the fight against ringworm, lemongrass oil stops the fungus and prevents it from spreading.

Get Started Now

Home treatment doesn’t have to be complicated. There are some proven natural options with anti-fungal abilities, therefore, ensure that you keep the hygiene as your priority after treatment.

Finally, education is the key to every success and learning more about ringworm will help you to prevent an infection in the first place.

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