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Essential Oils for Thyroid

Essential oils have for centuries been used in the treatment of thyroid conditions. Back in the days, however, there was very little knowledge regarding the various kinds of thyroid problems, and how exactly using these oils helped.

Now a days, fortunately, with scientific studies we can understand just how severe thyroid problems can be, the causes of these problems and most importantly, how essential oils work to restore and keep your thyroid healthy.

Common Thyroid Problems 

The thyroid gland is a vital part of the body responsible for secretion of some of the most crucial hormones including thyroxine and triiodothyronine. The two hormones affect dozens of metabolic reactions in the body and hence when the quantity or quality of the body is affected all those processes will also be altered.

Some of the processes regulated by these hormones include tissue development, protein synthesis, cell growth differentiation, vitamin absorption, etc.

Keeping your thyroid nodules healthy is however not as easy as it may sound. Hyperthyroidism is one of the most common conditions suffered by the Thyroid gland. This is when there is too much production of thyroid hormone. This is caused by other underlying diseases such as thyroid cancer, grave’s disease, exposure to toxic adenomas, etc.


  • Swelling of the thyroid gland
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Nervousness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Abnormal weight loss
  • Irregular menstrual patterns-Problems sleeping


On the other hand, refers to when there is too little thyroid hormone being produced. The disease can be due to autoimmune disorders, exposure to lithium or high levels of iodine. This condition is characterized by:

  • Hair loss
  • Constipation
  • Mood swings
  • Memory loss
  • Weight gain-Lethargy
  • Increased cholesterol

Essential Oils for Thyroid Support

Various medications are used to treat thyroid problems, but perhaps the most interesting one is essential oils which help to treat the condition naturally. These natural oils have proven to be useful and do not expose users to any adverse effects.

Essential oils for Hyperthyroidism

1. Lemon Oil 

Lemon oil is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent which makes it ideal for dealing with hyperthyroidism issues. It can help with digestive problems, overall body weakness, and anxiety. Utilizing this oil will also see your appetite increase significantly which should restore any abnormal weight loss.

Application: You can use four drops of lemon oil in a room diffuser to receive its healing potency while enjoying aromatherapy. You can also inhale the oil directly from its bottle.

2. Cedarwood oil

Cedarwood oil helps with relieving some of the most disturbing symptoms of hyperthyroidism such as sweating and difficulties sleeping. Studies have shown that cedarwood oil, when used correctly, will go as far as boosting your immune system which will not only help to tackle hyperthyroidism issues but also aid in other medical problems in your body. The oil is also a great sedative that’ll keep you relaxed.

Application: Blend five drops of cedar wood with a carrier oil such as almond oil and massage it on your chest and neck. Cedarwood oil can also be utilized by placing a few drops in your pillow before sleeping.

Essential Oils for Hypothyroidism

1. Rosemary Oil 

This is one of the most reliable essential oils when you are looking for something to increase your energy levels, promote normal tissue growth and eliminate any inflammations in the body. The fact that rosemary oil is also a fast-acting remedy explains why it is so widely used.

Hypothyroid patients will also get a solution to issues such as hair loss, joint pain, abnormal fatigue and weight gain after just a few days of using the oil.

Application: Rosemary can be mixed with other carrier oils and then topically applied on the chest, back, temples and neck. Using the oil on your hair will help to prevent hair loss.

2. Myrtle Oil 

Myrtle Oil uniquely approaches thyroid problems. While most other essential oils try to correct the problem, this oil tries to adjust your body’s response to changing thyroid hormone levels to restore normal functioning, and that’s why it is referred to as an adaptogenic compound.

This, therefore, means that the oil can be used for both Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. The oil will help in regulating various metabolic processes in the body making sure that they are all maintained at the right levels for a healthy body.


Thyroid problems can get worse, and at some point, they may even leave permanent medical issues that will cost you more to treat. With these essential oils, you get an opportunity to keep your thyroid healthy at a lower cost while enjoying other medicinal benefits.

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