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My Experience with The Discovery Collection From Organic Aromas

A few years back, I began to seriously search for a product that will help to keep me in health and vitality without any negative side effects. I tried a few supplements, took some courses on eating healthy, and I i’m happy to say they helped to get me on a healthier track and lifestyle.  However, the big break came when I discovered the potency and benefits of essential oils.

I don’t mean to say that you don’t also need to take care of yourself, but when you add essential oils into the mix, everything becomes just a little bit easier. Things work the way they’re supposed to but haven’t before.

Whether you’re new to essential oils or have been using for many years, there is no doubt that you’ll be excited about the new Discovery Collection by Organic Aromas.

What You’ll Discover About this Inclusive Set

Organic Aromas have proven to be the premier manufacturers of essential oils and essential oil diffusers.

We all know the companies like Young Living and doTerra. They’re great, definitely, but they’re not the only ones out there that should be getting recognition. Their oils are great, but a little on the expensive side, and as far as diffusers, I currently have both the Raindrop diffuser and the new Mobile Mini diffuser from Organic Aromas.

The exciting thing about this collection is that it offers you 40 individual unique singles and blends for you to try, all in one package.

Most starter sets or sample kits include 3, 6, maybe 18 oils to try, which is great. But you always feel like something is missing.

It’s kind of like when you’re cooking and want to try out a recipe that looks delicious. You go through the list of ingredients and see what you have most of them, but are missing a couple that really makes the dish stand out. Instead of running to the store to grab these ingredients, I know I usually end up going back to basics and making something more familiar, even though I really wanted to try something new and exciting.

This is the same thing that happens when you don’t have a variety of essential oils at your fingertips. While your favorites are great, sometimes you get a little curious about the other blends and mixes. With the Discovery Collection you get 40 different oils to try.

Yes 40 different 2ml bottles of oils to try including :

  •  10 organic pure essential oils
  • 14 single oils
  • 16 Organic Aromas proprietary blends

All in one beautiful unique package.

My fascination about the rich benefits that each essential oil can give made me want to explore all the fragrances and my life has enjoyed greater benefits in the past few days. The vials of essential oils are neatly put together in small and easy to use frame. This ensured that I did not miss out on my choice fragrances no matter how my day went.

Say hello to some of your favorites such as Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Spearmint, Peppermint and so many more without spending lots of money to purchase these essential oils individually. The Discovery Collection remains one of the best things that have happened to everyone who values the rich benefits of aromatherapy.

What’s Included in the Discovery Collection

The nature of my world makes me get involved with various activities each day, and I suppose the same is true for you. With ylang ylang essential oil, I was able to calm my nerves and face my day without stress. The therapeutic benefits helped to give me the focus to pursue my goals with precision.

All the while I could use spearmint, which is one of the essential oils in the Discovery Collection made my body feel refreshed and not overwhelmed. Perfect for a little extra boost in the morning or if you’re spending a large portion of your days outdoors. It helps reduce body temperature and really makes you feel on top of the world.

During my recent visit to one of my favorite camping sites, I used some eucalyptus I already had to protected from germs and ward of insects. Thankfully I got another bottle with the discovery collection to gave me a full arsenal to deal with all the contaminants in the area.

With a seemingly unlimited number of health and emotional benefits these oils can bring, I am thrilled to continue to discover the possibilites of this amazing starter kit. It is one of the smartest investments I have made in recent times.

My Thoughts

The Discovery Kit gives you something never before seen in the essential oils world- unlimited possibilities for health and wellness. If you’re ready to feel like a kid in a candy store, unable to pick just which one you want to try first, get your own set today.

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