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Bergamot oil is famous for its sweet and pleasant smell which is why it’s commonly used as a flavoring agent and in perfumes. The oil is used for treating various health problems including depression, anxiety, stress, anorexia and for treating skin infections like eczema and psoriasis.


The oil is extracted from the citrus fruit of the bergamot orange tree through cold extraction or by using a powerful machine crushes the fruit’s rinds. The oil then rises to the liquid surface and is skimmed off and collected.

Other ailments bergamot can help are:

  •    Gastrointestinal or digestive problems
  •    For liver stimulation
  •    For treating spleen problems
  •    For relief from fatigue
  •    Lowering high cholesterol levels

How to use

The oil can be added to a diffuser or to your bath water to reap its medicinal benefits. It also blends well with massage oils for topical use, and is popularly used in spas and by massage therapists.

Important: if applying topically, be sure to dilute bergamot with a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil before use. This is because the pure form is so strong, it can burn the skin.

Pro tips: As the oil is photosensitive, try to stay out of direct sunlight right after use, or until the oil had absorbed.