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Essential Oils - Combination sets

Essential oil starter kits are just what you need if you are venturing into the world of aromatherapy and use of essential oils. These kits usually comprise of a set of small bottles of 10 or 15 ml of different essential oils to familiarize you with the oils and their benefits.

Lots of options

Even people who have been using essential oils for years know the value of combination oil sets because they’re great value for money. With so many starter kits available, you can choose from just the essentials, or maybe grabbing a set that is targeted towards a specific goal- like relaxing, or blissful thinking.

When you discover the right oil to treat a specific health purpose that you want to work with, feel free to buy a bigger bottle.

Smart Shopping

Essential oil kits are a great way to try a few new oils you’ve been eyeing and expand your existing collection without breaking the bank. Once you find out what your favorites are, then you can buy the larger version of that oil while still having smaller versions of oils you don’t usually use to blend or use for specific recipes.

It’s always better to have some variety of oils at home to try out some new and intriguing oil blends and mixtures.

Our top picks

Below you’ll find some of our favorites and top recommendations for a variety of uses. Wether you are new to oils, wanting to experiment with less common ones, or looking for ready made blends, you’ll find something for you below.

Pro tip: Read customer reviews of the essential oil starter kits before buying one to find out what other buyers have to say about the oils. This is important because not all oils are created equal, and there are some oils and brands which are cheap but are not so effective at treating health conditions.