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Helichrysum OIl

Helichrysum oil has been used for its medicinal benefits for centuries. This is because the oil contains unique properties which make it an effective antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

The leaves and flowers of the helichrysum or curry plant are best for extracting the oil.

Treats skin problems

Helichrysum oil is helpful in treating minor skin rashes and is also a natural hives remedy, thanks to its anti-allergenic properties.

Its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce inflammation and encourage healing.

For best results, mix the oil with some coconut oil and rub on rashes, hives, scars, skin redness, blemishes, or shaving irritation.

Extra tip: It also soothes poison ivy rashes if mixed with lavender oil and applied.

Diuretic and digestive aid

Helichrysum oil has been used as a diuretic for reducing bloating and draining excess water from the body for thousands of years.  It also effectively treats intestinal and stomach complaints and relieves stomachaches.

Making a herabl tea from helichrysum is the best way to reap its digestive benefits. Double check to make sure it is a 100% pure and therapeutic grade oil before ingesting.

Helichrysum oil offers other benefits like:

  • Treating Candida symptoms
  • Fight acne
  • Boosting heart health through its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Protects against cancer
  • Boost body immunity levels
  • Soothes hemorrhoids
  • Treats kidney stones