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Lemon is one of the most popular citrus essential oils and is extracted from the lemon peel using cold expression. The oil is extensively used in food and medicine because of its versatility and powerful medicinal and antioxidant properties.

Natural Cleanser for Your Body

Lemon oil is especially known for cleansing body toxins and reducing acidity. It’s also widely used to rejuvenate energy, help with lymphatic drainage, and even with skin purification.

The oil also contributes to improve digestion and boosted concentration levels.

More uses

Add lemon oil to your diffuser to:

  •    Treat rheumatism, gout, and arthritis
  •    Increase energy levels
  •    Remove boils, acne, and cellulite
  •    Improve overall body immunity

How to Use

Adding a few drops of lemon oil to your bath will help treat skin problems, fight bacterial and fungal infections, provide nausea relief, improve blood circulation, elevate your mood, can also provide relief from headaches and reduce a fever.

More Cleaning

Clean clean clean. Lemon oil is not only useful for its health benefits, but is the number one pick as a household cleaner, laundry freshener, and natural teeth whitener.

While the oil is not naturally toxic in nature, it can trigger allergic skin rashes in some people.


Extra Tips

If using with a diffuser, make sure you have high quality lemon oil and that your diffuser can take citrus oils.

Precaution: It is important to diluted the with a carrier oil before applying directly to the skin because of its strong citrus properties.

Beware, this is a photosensitive oil so stay out of the sun directly after applying.