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Roll Ons

Roll-on essential oils are small handy bottles with a roller instead of a cap or dropper that allows to your directly apply your favorite essential oils to your skin.

They are usually made of amber glass to protect the oil from light and to help maintain the oil’s efficacy for as long as 5 to 10 years.

Depending on the brand and oil, the roll-on bottles are filled with anywhere between 1 ml to 1oz of your preferred essential oil.

Portable and Easy to Use

The roll-on bottles for essential oils are compact and portable to carry along with you wherever you go and conveniently fit into any purse or even just your pockets. It’s much more convenient to use than diffusers and is less messy than diluting and mixing essential oils.

This is because the oil is ready to use because the bottles are filled with either essential oils diluted with a carrier oil, or a specific blend of essential oils. You just have to open the top and apply where needed.

Instant Benefits with No Mess

There is no fear or any mess or smell on your hands while applying because you don’t even touch the oil.

Ready to go in an instant. Apply to your respective touch points like wrists, feet, or back of the neck and thats it, you’re done!