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Ylang Ylang

Ylang-ylang oil is extracted from the flowers of the ylang-ylang tree using steam distillation. Did you know that it has such a sweet and floral scent that it’s an important ingredient of the famous Chanel No.5 perfume?

Besides being used in perfumes, the oil is also known for its various therapeutic and aromatic benefits. It’s been used to naturally thicken hair for centuries and also for healing skin problems.

The oil is also known to have an antiseptic, antidepressant, antispasmodic and sedative benefits. Its calming abilities help soothe headaches, regulate heartbeat, reduce stress, lower high blood pressure, and can even heal with some cardiac problems.

It is also helpful at:

  • Promiting blood flow
  • Fighting inflammation and nausea
  • Brightening moods
  • Improving intestinal function


Thanks to its rich and floral scent, ylang-ylang is considered as an aphrodisiac, which is why many people find it spices up their bedroom. It also helps create a calming and relaxing atmosphere, perfect after a long day of work.

Continuing with its benefits ylang-ylang is also extensively used for flavoring and as a preservative, also for its fragrance in household cleaners, cosmetics, soaps, and hair products.

How to use: The perfect way to enjoy ylang-ylang’s health benefits is to use a few drops in your diffuser or added to massage oils.

Extra tip: Though it’s not toxic, too much of the oil can trigger headaches.