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Aspire Emporium Wood-Grain Diffuser Review

$ 30.00

Last updated on: August 21, 2019 5:12 am


Manufactured by Aspire Emporium this is a powerful wellness device that has been uniquely designed to provide you with a range of health benefits, besides bringing some touch of elegance to your office, home or even studio.

Coming with an extremely appealing appearance of a nice fine-art sculptured piece, it is definitely worthy of being displayed in just about any setting.


The Design

Featuring an elegant, fine-art sculptured design, this diffuser is not only appealing to look at look at, but it is also easier and more convenient to use when compared to other models. You just need to lift the upper half of the diffuser in order to uncover its inner reservoir which has a 300-mililiter capacity.

Moreover, its unique and beautiful design makes it compatible with a wide range of decors.


Designed to help improve the quality of your life, this diffuser is able to spread the healthful essential oils throughout your room or space, moisturizing your dry nasal passages or sore throat.

Moreover, with the 300 milliliter capacity, this diffuser can continuously run for up to 10 hours without any interruption, hence giving you ample time to enjoy the refreshing scent and health benefits of your essential oil without disruption.

In addition, it has also been designed to shut off automatically once the water is depleted, hence you won’t need to worry about disrupting your sleep or relaxation session to go and switch it off.

The LED Color Lights

The diffuser also features seven soothing colors of light which alternate randomly, while providing a soothing effect. You can therefore relax your mood as you watch these colors rotate through the cycle. It can be an ideal night light that you can place right next to your baby’s bed for them to enjoy a good night sleep.

Quiet Operation  

Another great thing about this diffuser is that it has been designed to operate silently. This makes it ideal for use in your bedroom, relaxation lounge, or any other space where silence is highly treasured.

With this device, you are sure of having your peaceful quiet time without any interference.


1. The diffuser is good-looking and can complement your unique room décor
2. It is a high-capacity diffuser with a 300-milliliter reservoir that can last up to ten hours without any need for refilling
3. It allows for quite operation hence it won’t disrupt whatever activity you are engaged in.
4. The product usually comes with a satisfaction guarantee.
5. It automatically shuts off once it has run out of water, hence you will not need to disrupt your night sleep, or quiet time to go switch it off.
6. It is designed to conserve your essential oil
7. Coming with a simple design, this diffuser is quite easy to use.
8. It works as a diffuser and humidifier at the same time.


1. It is difficult to see the setting you have put on
2. It does not put out much steam and aroma as other diffusers.


In conclusion, if you want to fill your space with the nice and therapeutic aroma of your favorite essential oil, this diffuser will be the best product to use. Besides being beautiful and with sleek design, this high performance and effective diffuser is quite easy to operate, refill and allows for effective distribution of the fragrance and moisture throughout the room.

Moreover, its compact design allows for easier portability from place to place, hence you can always take it wherever you go whenever you want.

If you are shopping around for a powerful, good looking and efficient diffuser for your room, this one will be the best.

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$ 30.00

Last updated on: August 21, 2019 5:12 am

$ 30.00

Last updated on: August 21, 2019 5:12 am