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doTERRA DigestZen Essential Oil Blend

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Last updated on: October 7, 2022 1:08 am
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If you experience a stomach upset after eating, traveling or for any other reason then doTerra DigestZen essential oil is what you need. Just make sure you have it with you every time you’re trying something new or enjoying your favorite meals.

This blend was created to primarily treats indigestion and also reduces gas and bloating, thereby providing relief against nausea and occasional upset stomachs.

Uses and benefits

Soothe bloating effectively digestzen anti bloating

Bloating is one of the most uncomfortable feelings you can have. It stops you from moving, sitting, even standing comfortably.

This product has been created to tackle excess gas and bloating so that it can get rid of your pain and general discomfort.

Reduce stomach upsets

Other tummy issues can happen after eating a heavy meal or by taking something that does not agree with your system.

Maintain a healthy digestive tract

FYI you don’t need to wait until you get a stomach problem before using the DigestZen blend. Remember, prevention is much better than having to treat an issue, and a healthy digestive tract will improve your immunity as well as other body functions.


DigestZen is blended using a variety of essential oils, which include: ginger, coriander, peppermint, anise, tarragon, caraway, and fennel.

Individually, the single oils have natural healing properties that that are beneficial to your health, especially the digestive tract.

  • Coriander and peppermint oils help in smoothing the digestion process.
  • Ginger, anise. and caraway oils fight indigestion and reduce nausea and bloating.
  • Tarragon and fennel are excellent for releasing stomach and intestinal gas.

How to use

It can be used topically by rubbing onto the skin. Add a few drops to a carrier oil like coconut oil; and massage it on your abdomen to help with digestion.

It can be ingested internally by using a single drop to water or tea. The oil blend can also be used in your hot bath to soothe all your senses. This oil can also be used with a diffuser in your space.


If you are pregnant or breast feeding, using this product is not advised. If you also have a medical problem or are under medication, seek advice from your doctor first.

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$ 35.56

Last updated on: October 7, 2022 1:08 am

$ 35.56

Last updated on: October 7, 2022 1:08 am