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Organic Aromas Elegance Nebulizing Diffuser Review

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Last updated on: January 27, 2023 11:05 am

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The Elegance essential oil diffuser shines in many areas. Apart from being one of the most aesthetically pleasing devices out there, it offers unmatched spa-like experience. It silently nebulizes using the Bernoulli’s principle making it perfect for the office, kitchen, bathroom, or meeting area. 

The unit comes in two options: dark wood and light wood colors.

Read our review of organic aromas Elegance diffuser to see if you might benefit from just a touch of elegance in your life.


It’s hand-crafted from quality plantation wood, painted with water-based lacquer, and paired with an exquisite glass reservoir. This makes the diffuser bright at the top and contrastive at the bottom.

Each unit measures 5 inches wide and 9 inches tall. The device uses a 110-220v electric system and comes with an electrical plug adapter.


It allows the user to smell fantastic aromas up to 800 square feet. Besides that, it has a usage cycle of 2 minutes on and 1 minute off.

This means you don’t have to worry about energy consumption. It’s programmed to shut off automatically after two hours of use. This ensures the unit does not run out of essential oils. The device offers an excellent atomizing performance.

You’ll also love that it only takes amount of essential oil to saturate in the air and that it can run for several hours before refilling.

No heat or water

You can be assured of maximum therapeutic effects of essential oils since the diffuser works on a no heat or water principle. With this in mind, you get the purest and most concentrated fragrance from natural oils. The functionality of this unit makes it one of the top contenders in the segment.

Touch sensor

The diffuser features an LED lighting that helps to create a pleasant and soothing atmosphere in your room. It can be turned on/off with a simple swipe of a finger. When the light is on, the device looks like an elegant bulb surrounded by multiple layers of fog.

There is also a volume control for limiting the amount of scent emitted. You can turn it right or left depending on how strong you want the scent to be. Even on the lowest setting, the aroma is still intense.


  • It’s highly portable
  • Easy to use
  • Uses very little energy
  • It’s completely quiet so it will not affect your sleep
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty and free repair service– if you have any issues with the device, you should contact the manufacturer for assistance.
  • No plastic to leach toxic chemicals
  • Easy to clean. You should clean the reservoir by giving it a quick rinse with isopropyl alcohol once a week to keep it in top shape.
  • It’s fitted with a knob that allows you to control the intensity of the fragrance
  • Gives maximum benefit of essential oils since the chemical structure remains the same
  • It does not use batteries


  • Since the LED lights are quite soft, they can annoy you at night
  • The glass part can easily break if mishandled by children
  • Although it costs more than the standard ultrasonic diffuser, you get the value of what you pay for
  • It does not automatically turn off the light like other models. The light is on when the device is on
  • Can only be used when placed close to a power outlet

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The Elegance diffuser is functional, versatile and complements any interior. It will allow you enjoy all the benefits of essential oils. In addition to that, its whisper quiet and operates with the swipe of a finger. It also gives the most concentrated fragrance in a large area within a short period.

Since no heat is required, the chemical structure of essential oils does not change. Just turn it on and enjoy the air.

You can use it for any occasion or gift it to someone who appreciates taste and artistry.

This is the only oil diffuser used by therapists, health professionals, and aestheticians. If you are looking for the highest quality aromatherapy device in the market backed by solid after-sales customer support, you should consider the Elegance essential oil diffuser.

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$ 99.00

Last updated on: January 27, 2023 11:05 am

$ 99.00

Last updated on: January 27, 2023 11:05 am