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GermGuardian 3-in-1 HEPA Air Purifier Review

$ 99.99

Last updated on: March 21, 2023 8:08 pm


Size: 7 x 10.2 x 21.5 inches

Tired of sniffing away while at work? The problem may not be in you, but in the surrounding air and polluted environment. You may find a solution to the problem with the GermGuardian 3-in-1 Air purifier. This is no ordinary air purifier because it has an additional HEPA filter that captures 99.9% of dust and allergens even allergens as small as .3 microns in size.


The HEPA air filtration system helps reduce the exposure to indoor asthma triggers. The unit also has an UV-C light which proves helpful at killing germs. Atop of all this, the air purifier also has a charcoal filter for capturing foul odors in the air.

The GermGuardian is 22 inches tall and lightweight, making it perfect for use in medium-sized rooms. It comes with a UV-C light control and a filter change indicator to remind you when it’s time to change the filter.

On an average, the GermGuardian can process and purify the air in 155sq. ft. area in an hour. The unit can be programmed to run at three speeds, with an ultra-quiet lowest speed.

CADR qualification

The unit has earned the energy star for meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines and is CADR rated 100+. Its energy efficiency is measured based on the ratio between its CADR for dust and the energy it consumes.

Multiple cleaning levels 

The GermGuardian boasts of multiple cleaning levels. First all the large particles like dust and lint and common household odors are captured by a pre-filter and charcoal filter. Then its HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne particles which are as small as .3 microns in size.

In other words, it removes all indoor asthma triggers like debris, plant pollen, pet dander, mold spores and dust mites in the air. Finally all airborne viruses and bacteria are killed using UV-C light technology, which also activates Titanium Dioxide to decompose and remove all smoking, pet and cooking odor molecules.

Know when to change filter and UV-C bulb

With the GermGuardian around, there’s no need of remembering when you had last replaced its filter. This is because it has indicator lights that automatically blink, reminding you to replace the filter or UV-C bulb.

In case the lights are blinking when you first switch it on, then it may mean that it has to be reset. This is easily done by holding the UV button for about 3-5 seconds or till the lights stop flashing, and it’s ready to use!

A good night’s sleep

With its ultra-quiet running mode, there’s no worry about any noise disturbing your sleep at night. You can leave the unit on and still get a good night’s sleep.


  • Easily captures pet hair, dust and other large particles found in the air
  • Comes with a 3 year limited warranty
  • HEPA filter captures 99.9% of minute allergens
  • Pet, smoking and cooking odor and smoke particles removed by activated charcoal filter
  • Has a 100+ rating from CADR
  • Airborne germs, viruses, mold spores and bacteria killed using filters, Titanium Dioxide and UV-C light technology
  • Its 22” height and lightweight feature makes it perfect to use in medium sized rooms
  • Filter has to be replaced only once in 6-8 months


While some units may produce some mechanical noise at the start, it reduces with regular use


If you or anyone in your family has recurring asthma attacks, or you just want to breathe clean air, then you should consider buying the GermGuardian 3-in-1 Air Purifier. It not only cleans the air of its pollutants and asthma triggers, but also removes all home and animal odors from the air.

Try it for a few days, and you will notice a dramatic improvement in the surrounding air quality and your life.

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$ 99.99

Last updated on: March 21, 2023 8:08 pm

$ 99.99

Last updated on: March 21, 2023 8:08 pm