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Lagute Bois Series Oil Diffuser Review

$ 9.99

Last updated on: March 24, 2019 8:09 pm


The Lagute Bois Series diffuse is perfect for people looking for the benefits of essential oils and appreciate the refined look of a luxurious, well crafted oil diffuser.

The Lagute Bois Series Oil diffuser takes you to another world with the aromatic fragrances it emits. It creates a soothing and invigorating atmosphere both at home with the help of aromatherapy and the diffusion and absorption of essential oils.

With a water tank capacity of 140ml, the Lagute Bois oil diffuser is also a humidifier and is portable in design and easy to use and clean. Made of wood grain, this ionizer and air humidifier produces super fine mist and is incredibility portable.


Perfect for any setting

It doesn’t create much noise when in use and is convenient to use in beauty salons, baby rooms, hotels, hospitals, living rooms, offices, conference rooms, reception centers, pet rooms, yoga and even in spas and other public/private places. A great travel humidifier.

Great for an office setting and blends in seamlessly with home decorations. The low key design is especially good for hotels, corridors, or reception centers.

Reduces computer radiation

The diffuser can be used in most places as it works on a power source of 100-240V DC with tap or purified water. It produces a super fine mist for a maximum of 5 hours with a refill and effectively balances the dryness created by an air conditioner at home or work. The added benefit of this diffuser is that it not only offers maximum aromatic benefits, but also reduces computer radiation.

Automatic shut-off feature

The Lagute Bois Series oil diffuser comprises of the aroma diffuser, a power adapter, a measuring cup and the user manual. However, it does not include essential oils. Like most diffusers, this diffuser also has an automatic shut-off feature which shuts off the unit when the water level is low.

You’ll hardly notice it’s there.

Easy to use and take anywhere, the Lagute Boise Series highlights are:

  • Balance the dryness that air conditioning can have in the home or work place
  • Reduce computer radiation
  • Various modes to choose from including an intermittent one where the unit is 3 min on and off
  • Maximize aromatherapy benefits
  • Comes with a 6 months’ Lagute warranty
  • Automatically shuts off when its water levels go low
  • Its wood grain design makes the unit fitting for any stylished decor
  • No heat used or generated as it works on an ionizer which produces an instant vapor when turned on
  • Available in 3 timeless designs
  • Runs for a maximum of 5 hours on 140 ml of purified or tap water
  • Easy, safe and convenient to use
  • Not just a diffuser, but also a humidifier


  • Mist level is lighter than some other products
  • Some complain that the unit is difficult to open and fill
  • It’s instruction manual is slighlty complicated


The Lagute Bois oil diffuser offers more than aromatic benefits, is affordably priced and has an automatic shut-off feature when water levels run low. As it is not only a diffuser but also a humidifier, it’s an additional reason to buy it!

Extra tips:

  • If it stops working- make sure the water level is high. There is a sensor that will automatically shut off the devicse when too low.
  • Lower mist output- Make sure you clean the diffuser and included chip for maximum smooth output.
  • Maintenance- It is suggested to clean the machine after every 3 uses or so to expand it’s lifespan.

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