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Best Selling URPOWER 100 ml Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

$ 15.99

Last updated on: November 30, 2022 3:03 pm



#1 best seller for single room humidifiers with over 20,000 reviews

The URPOWER is a cute little Japanese designed essential oil diffuser that comfortably sits on any workplace cubicle, bedside table or tabletop to hydrate the air. It’s easy to use as it requires just 100ml of water, and a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

It then uses ultrasonic vaporizing diffusion technology to release water vapor and a fragrant and soothing mist for as long as 6 hours. The URPOWER keeps your home and office smelling fragrant while moisturizing the air to help you sleep better, moisten your dry skin and even alleviate your cough and sinus problems.

Colors and misting 

The Urpower comes with 7 different lights that make the room look attractive. You can either have it run through all the 7 colors, or set it to a specific color on a bright or dim setting. While you can switch off the light if you can’t sleep with the lights on, its mist button light remains on.

This light turns green on 30 second intermittent mist mode and red if there’s continuous misting and remains on for as long as the unit is on. So it can illuminate a dark room, which can be disappointing to some.

Pressing the ‘on’ button once sets the diffuser on intermittent mode while pressing the same button twice instead of once puts it in continuous mode.  You can choose between the two settings based on how much fragrance is needed, and how long the water should last.

Can be used as more than just a humidifier

Simply add in your favourite essential oils and a little bit of water to get both the benefits of aromatherapy and moisture in the air.  Essential oils are diffused without any heat which retains its holistic properties and has a better effect on your health and your surroundings.

Safety and maintenance

The URPOWER diffuser has no filter, and is made using BPA free material so there’s no worry of it dispelling harmful chemicals into the air. It is so quiet, that it doesn’t disturb your sleep. The device comes with an automatic shut off safety system which switches off the device when there’s no water, to prevent any possible burns and unnecessary power consumption.

Always dry the device before storing for prolonged life and any faults or errors while working may be due to the polluted ultrasonic wave chip. Add water till below the max line if you want more misting.


  • Efficiently adds moisture to the room to eliminate dryness
  • Whisper quiet, you won’t even know its there
  • Give your room a pleasant smell and relaxing atmosphere by adding a drop of your favorite essential oil to its water
  • 7 color changing lights to choose from
  • Auto power off feature if the water runs out
  • Choose between intermittent or continuous misting
  • Comes with a measuring cup, instruction manual and charger adapter
  • Made using BPA free hard plastic
  • Runs for a maximum of 6 hours once refilled
  • The measuring cup ensures you pour just enough water into the diffuser
  • Comes with a one year guarantee


  • Difficult to turn on and off while filling
  • Lasts for only 6 hours so it may stop working before getting up from an 8 hour slumber


The URPOWER essential oil diffuser is worth buying even if you are new to using one. It comes with a booklet to assist you, and once it starts, it hydrates the air and will make your home and you feel fresh and fragrant!

Get yours today or feel free to take a closer look at our buyer’s guide for more information and options.

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$ 15.99

Last updated on: November 30, 2022 3:03 pm

$ 15.99

Last updated on: November 30, 2022 3:03 pm