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VicTsing 400 ml Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

$ 65.50

Last updated on: March 21, 2023 10:05 pm


If you are searching for a high performance essential oil diffuser to fill your space with fragrance while creating a soothing and relaxing environment, this unique diffuser is a great choice.

It is a great aromatherapy diffuser that uses the advanced ultrasonic waves technology to effectively vaporize a mixture of 100-percent pure water-soluble essential oils with water into the air.

This in turn produces cool mist that is loaded with fragrance, giving you a very comfortable environment. It can even help in masking bad odors from pets, the kitchen, or just to generally give your environment a pleasant feel.

The Design

The diffuser features a natural compact design that features a modern wood grain resembling a beautiful flower vase. This makes it a great decorative piece of art that will match just about any décor, hence you can use it in your office, salon, spa, child’s room, Yoga studio, physical therapy studio or any other room where aromatherapy is required.

In addition, its compact design makes it very easily portable.

Large Capacity

This diffuser is also a large a large capacity unit with great mist output. The device can accommodate up to 400 milliliters of water, producing 30-60 milliliters of moisture per hour.

It can provide fragrance and humidity for an area that is 215-269 square feet in size and always allows for high or low misting modes to effectively freshen the air within your room. In addition, it can run for up to 10 hours of continuous output and its automatic power-off feature allows it to get turned off once all the water has been used up, hence ensuring optimal safety.

7 Adjustable Soft LED Lights

This aroma humidifier also has a seven-color LED light which can either be cycled through or simply set to one of your favorite colors that will match your mood. In addition, each of the colors has two light modes, either bright or dim which allows you to use it on your desk or your bedroom nightstand as the night light.

Timer Settings and Auto-off Safety Feature

This elegant wood-grain diffuser usually comes with four timer settings; 1H, 3H, 6H and ON.

You can therefore easily choose a suitable one so as to create a calmer and comfortable ambience. Designed to allow for seven to ten hours of working time, the air purifier features a robust safety system which turns it off once it has run out of water. You’ll never have to worry about overheating this way.


  •  Its auto shut-off function ensures safety.
  • The unit can work either as a diffuser when essential oils are added or as a humidifier when only water is used.
  • The device has adopted the ultrasonic technology, which allows for silent operation,
    • Which means that you will not experience any noise interference while you are working, sleeping, studying, doing Yoga or even while enjoying your a spa bath.
  • Its unique classic and stylish wood-grain finish makes it ideal for use as a decorative piece and it will perfectly fit any room décor
  • It is a large-capacity unit, which can operate continuously for up to ten hours when the tank is full



If you need a reliable aromatherapy that can double as a humidifier while enabling you to enjoy all the benefits of your essential oil, this product will be the best. It is an exceptional large-capacity unit that is not only easy to use but has also been designed to portray the elegance and offer the functionality you would want in a nice diffuser.

Another great thing about this product is that it comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee as well as a 12-month worry-free warranty. With those kind of deals, it might just be time to get your very own, or as a the perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

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$ 65.50

Last updated on: March 21, 2023 10:05 pm

$ 65.50

Last updated on: March 21, 2023 10:05 pm