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Young Living Desert Mist Diffuser

$ 58.00

Last updated on: May 28, 2022 12:04 pm

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"Great Young Living Diffuser"

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The Young Living Desert mist diffuser is built from durable plastic and is elegantly designed as a vase, just like the stylish Moroccan Trellis. Its design allows it to easily blend with any decor.

An easy-to-use humidifier that’s perfect for diffusing your favorite essential oils and freshening the surrounding environment. As a little bonus, this diffuser comes with free 5ml bottles of tangerine and peppermint premium quality essential oils from Young Living to get you started.


The diffuser can run on three different modes and lengths of time. 

  1. High mode runs continuously for 5-6 hours
  2. Low mode will last up to 8 hours
  3. Intermittent mode which runs for 1 min on/ 1 minute off will last for 10 hours  

Light settings 

The Desert Mist has a color cycle mode where 11 lights including bright white, soft white, red, orange, purple, green, yellow and blue gently transition from one color to another creating a relaxing soothing atmosphere.

There is also an additional candle flicker setting that recreates the long lost and romantic flickering ambiance of a candle. If using while sleeping, there is also the option to turn off this feature completely.

Minimal noise when in use

This diffuser perfect for the room of your choice. With a coverage of 323 sq feet, you can use it in the kitchen to get rid of smells, the living room to create a relaxing mood, or in the bedroom to help you sleep at night. Creates a peaceful and harmonious ambiance at home, office, the gym or any other place you a little more balance in your life. And because minimal noise is produced when used, there’s no worry of any disturbance while you enjoy its serenity and benefits.  

How it runs

The unit uses ultrasonic frequency technology to create micro particles and mist that release the oil’s unique features into the air. These micro particles freshen and detoxify the air once dispersed. Oils like lemon and peppermint offer the additional benefit of boosting your body’s immunity.


  • Three run cycles to choose from
  • Soothing light rotation
  • Well designed to complement any decor
  • Great for large rooms

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