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ZAQ Allay Reviews

$ 30.00

Last updated on: March 24, 2019 7:11 pm


Want to bring some positivity into your life? Find it difficult concentrating for exams? A ZAQ Allay diffuser may just be what you are looking for. This is a diffuser which uses aromatherapy and essential oils to emit soothing aromas to stimulate your brain and help counteract your exam anxiety. It also cleanses and balances your skin and tone, and ionizes the air you breathe, to revitalize positive energy around you.

Signature ZAQ diffuser 

This diffuser is, in fact, a signature diffuser from ZAQ as it’s their most versatile model which incorporates aromatherapy for a healthier life while exciting the creativity of your brain and expanding your horizons. ZAQ prides themselves on the contemporary design of the Allay, which is shaped to represented upward growth and unlimited creativity. A statement piece for any location.

LiteMist aromatherapy system

The Allay works on a LiteMist aromatherapy system where essential oils are diffused into the air to absorb its relaxing, soothing and invigorating effects. It’s sleek, modern and contemporary design comes with a choice of 3 vibrant colors of aquamarine blue, orange and pink for its top cone.

The cone’s soft LED lights add sophistication and luxury to any room. Pushing the button once switches on the unit and lights up the top cone. Pushing the button twice only switches on the unit and not the light, for use while sleeping.

Perfect for a medium size room, this ultrasonic diffuser silently brings you the aromas and benefits of your essentials oils both to be inhaled and absorbed through your skin.


Safe and efficient

The ZAQ Allay is made of BPA free, safe and health friendly materials. Its 80ml capacity runs for a maximum of 4 hours before needing a refill. Though midsized, the diffuser easily fills up 200-400sq.ft. of space with the fresh scent of aromatic essential oils.

The ZAQ Allay not only offers aromatic and therapeutic benefits, but is also quiet in function. You needn’t even worry about forgetting to switch off the unit as its automatic shut-off feature switches it off once it reaches low water levels.

Easy to use

Just add water and your chosen essential oil to the diffuser, where the mixture is broken into millions of micro particles to shoot out a stream of mist. Your body absorbs this mist while inhaling or through your skin where the essential oils’ active ingredients relax and invigorate you. The essential oil aroma also gives your surrounding a pleasant smell.


  • Comes with a choice of 3 vibrant colored cones with soft LED lights
  • LED lights can be switched off
  • Uses LiteMist aromatherapy system to fill your space with essential oils
  • Big enough to fill a large living room, offices, and small yoga studios or even open foyers with aromatic scent
  • Energy efficient as it runs for 4 hours once filled
  • Quiet in functioning
  • Auto shut off feature switches off the unit with low water levels
  • Made from safe and health friendly materials, and is BPA free
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comes with a 1 year limited warranty
  • Only 5-6 drops of essential oils needed


  • Some complain that it shuts off within 15-20 minutes after 3-4 uses
  • Some complain it doesn’t produce much steam or vapor
  • Distilled water is mixed with essential oil
ZAQ Allay Reviews

$ 30.00

Last updated on: March 24, 2019 7:11 pm
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The charming colors, sophistication, and ease of use are what make the ZAQ Allay a popular diffuser amidst aromatherapy enthusiasts. Moreover, its compact size makes it easy to carry and use wherever required!

Helpful tips

Some people have noticed that their diffuser works best when:

  • The water level isn’t too high
  • They clean it after every 5 uses or so to make sure the oil doesn’t build up

People are also raving about the customer service from the manufacture. Either for general questions or any issues they have had. Great product, great people, great company. It is always nice when a company really cares about their customers and stand by their products.

This is one of their 6 models. If you’re looking for a longer running diffuser or something for bigger spaces, check out what features you want to keep from the Allay and compare to their other oil diffusers. Bigger ones from ZAQ are the Galaxy and Paradise.

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