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Shed Pounds With These Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Every once in a while you will look at yourself in the mirror and not like what you see – a bulging belly, skin folds, uncharacteristically chubby face, fat dimples and of course some of your clothes don’t fit anymore. You have gained weight!

Well, gaining weight is not a strange thing. It happens to everyone.

Almost all of us do after the holidays, a vacation or any other extended period of feasting, relaxation and merry-making. If your lifestyle involves a lot of sitting you may also start to add weight, especially if you don’t make exercising part of your daily routine.

But there are also those who generally tilt the scale far more than they should, not because they’ve had a lot to eat in the recent past but because it is their ‘natural’ body. These are people who are either overweight or obese. The word natural is in quotes because being overweight or obese is actually far from natural and is a very dangerous thing.

Risks of being overweight

The two above conditions are highly linked to several lifestyle diseases like:

  • type 2 diabetes
  • certain types of cancer
  • high blood pressure
  • stroke and several other heart diseases
  • sleep apnea
  • kidney disease

Signs and symptoms

So how do you know that you are at risk? For starters every additional pound you gain puts you at a health risk and can easily plunge you into obesity or overweight. That said, you are be squarely in danger if:

  • Your body mass index (BMI) is 25 kg/m2 or over.
  • You are a man and your waist size is over 40 inches or a woman with a waist size of over 35 inches.
  • Your LDL (the bad type of cholesterol) is less than 100 mg/dl and/or your HDL (the good type of cholesterol) is more than 40 mg/dl (for men) and 50 mg/dl (for women).
  • Your blood sugar is less than 100 mg/dl.

So, in light of the risks mentioned above, whether you are obese, overweight or have just packed a few more pounds due to a recent change in lifestyle, it is paramount that you shed off that extra weight in a fast and effective manner.

Studies have found that some of the most accepted methods of losing weight are in fact extremely ineffective. Take the Americans for example. Up to 50% of the population that needs to lose weight prefers dieting over all other alternatives. The sad news is that 90 to 95% of them gain that weight back (at times even more) within one to five years, after spending a whopping 65+ billion dollars per year in trying to lose weight. That is just a fraction of the over 148.1 billion dollars that are spent worldwide by the 1,648,123,000 (and counting) people who are trying to lose weight.

Those are staggering figures by any measure, but the bottom line is you shouldn’t diet to lose weight for good. There are better alternatives that can actually prevent the excess weight from coming back. Out of all those options the easiest, most affordable and most effective is the use of essential oils.

How Can Essential Oils Help You Lose Weight? 

If there is one thing that comes closest to magic potion it has to be essential oils. Using just a few drops of these oils can do wonders, including helping you to lose weight. But how? You ask. It’s pretty simple actually.

Some of the oils like cinnamon essential oil work by curbing sugar cravings and hunger, which in turn reduces the amount of food you eat significantly. Of course if you start eating less than what you are accustomed to you will start to lose weight.

There are also essential oils like ginger-based oils that help cleanse the digestive tract. Others like juniper and lemon oils detoxify other body organs like the kidneys and liver. When all these parts are working efficiently you will find it very easy to lose weight because the body will be great at expelling what it doesn’t need rather than storing them as fat.

Weight loss usually goes beyond just a change in diet regimen or detoxing. You will also have to exercise if you want to burn those excess calories. Oils like bergamot are popular because of their ability to energize. Using them will enable you to exercise effectively even when you are on an empty stomach, so essentially you will be burning calories without taking any of them in.

What essential oils are good for weight loss?

Some essential oils like marjoram oil are great for recovery. They help your body to repair muscles and tissues as well as overcoming fatigue and inflammation. You can use these rejuvenating oils to keep going whenever your body starts fighting against your will on account of being exhausted.

Others will help you in the mental and spiritual fronts. Losing weight is never an easy journey, and every so often you might be tempted to quit along the way. You really need the motivation to keep going. That is where essential oils like lemon oil do the trick. They will uplift your spirit and give you all the positive thoughts you need to stay on your weight loss track.

As you might have noticed you may need to use a combination of several essential oils if you want to lose weight effectively. That’s actually a good thing because all these oils generally keep your physical, mental, and spiritual beings at their very best while at the same time providing very practical weight loss solutions. You will find it very easy to burn the extra fat without having to make drastic lifestyle changes.

Essential Oils for Weight Loss

From the previous section you certainly have a brief idea of the essential oils to add to your shopping cart. But just for simplicity’s sakes here’s an outline of the very best essential oil for weight loss and the benefits that each one brings to the table.

Grapefruit essential oil:

This oil boosts your metabolism, turning your body into a fat-melting mode.

Lemon essential oil:

With its energy boosting, detoxifying and mood enhancing properties, lemon oil is the all-in-one ingredient that you need for weight loss.

Juniper berry essential oil:

You need this oil for detoxification – an essential part of the weight loss process.

Cinnamon essential oil:

Cinnamon oil suppresses hunger and eliminates cravings for sugary foods by regulating insulin. In case you didn’t know consuming sugar increases your weight.

Peppermint essential oil:

Like cinnamon, this oil also suppresses appetite. In addition, it also helps cleanse your digestive tract to allow for proper digestion and waste disposal from the body.

Bergamot essential oil:

This oil is perfect for your pre/post workout routines. It improves physical energy and also reduces stress levels. You may want to pick bigger bottles of this if you are a stress eater.

Ginger essential oil:

Ginger is popular for its stomach-soothing capabilities. It will help your body to absorb water and mineral efficiently. You won’t feel the need to eat foods that might increase your weight.

Although those are the must-have essential oils, you may also want to consider adding fennel, lavender, lemongrass and rosemary essential oils as they all offer either mental or physical benefits that you will need along the weight loss journey.


Our Top Picks: The Best Essential Oils for Weight Loss

  1. Essential Oil Set 14 – 10 ml Pure Therapeutic Grade

    Manufacturer: Plant Guru

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Amazon Rating: 4.4 stars after 319 customer reviews

This offering from Plant Guru includes peppermint, lavender, frankincense, orange, rosemary, tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon, clove, lime, lemongrass, cinnamon, spearmint and grapefruit essential oils. Each of these 100% pure natural oils comes in a 10ml bottle.

Other than the fact that you get FOURTEEN different oils (which are all great for weight loss), the other biggest selling point for this particular product is that all the oils are 100% plant-based; nothing synthetic. For the price it is a deal worth placing at the top of your essential oil shopping list.

  1. Grapefruit 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

          Manufacturer: Edens Garden

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Amazon Rating: 4.7 stars after 556 customer reviews

If you don’t fancy mixing several essential oils you can opt for this offering from Edens Garden. Just a reminder, grapefruit essential oil alone is enough to help you cut some weight. Its ability to stabilize your blood sugar and curb cravings will go a long way in regulating your sugar-intake. That is one sure way of losing weight. In addition to that, this essential oil ranks as the best because it boosts metabolism. That means if you purchase this product you will convert your body into a fat burning machine.

The 100% pure natural oil comes in options of 5, 10, 30 and 100 ml packages. If you wish you can supplement it by consuming actual grapefruits or their juice. They have extremely low calorie content but will still keep you full and energized. You won’t feel the need to fill up on other types of foods that can increase your weight.

  1. Essential Oil Blend for Weight Loss

    Manufacturer: Komega6

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Amazon Rating: 3.6 after 60 reviews

This is yet another blend of essential oils that is well worth your consideration. It is a blend, meaning that you get several essential oils mixed into one. This particular product contains grapefruit, lemon and orange and a few others – all of which are critical to weight loss. They will suppress your appetite and cravings, uplift you spiritually, cleanse your digestive tract and keep you energized.

Note that this oil is for topical application, so you can use it for all types of aromatherapy and massage needs. In fact, it includes carrier oils, most notably coconut and avocado oils. Those two are great for massage.

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