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My Experience with The Discovery Collection From Organic Aromas

A few years back, I began to seriously search for a product that will help to keep me in health and vitality without any negative side effects. I tried a few supplements, took some courses on eating healthy, and I i’m happy to say they helped to get me on a healthier track and lifestyle.  […]

What Is Aromatherapy and How Can It Change Your Life?

I’ve gotten really specific over the last few weeks on how to use certain essential oils for particular health problems, but this week, we’re taking it back to basic, and rediscovering what aromatherapy is and some of it’s many benefits. At this point, there are very few people who haven’t heard of aromatherapy, these amazing […]

What Are Carrier Oils and How To Use Them

Essential oils in aromatherapy tend to be highly concentrated and potent, leading to the question – are essential oils safe? The truth is, if used undiluted, most essential oils can cause adverse effects on your skin. For this reason, it is important to dilute essential oils with a carrier oil. The carrier oils are extracted […]

How to Choose the Right MONQ Blend for Your Mood

If you love aromatherapy and its benefits and wish there was some way you could enjoy these effects on the go, there’s good news. Instead of depending on your living room diffuser or a roll-on, there’s now a portable personal essential oil diffuser in the market, MONQ. Many mistake MONQ Therapeutic Air for an e-cigarette […]