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Find Relief With Essential Oils for Croup

When your child is sick or in pain, the world stops. All that matters is making them, and yourself feel better. Do you have sleepless nights because of your baby’s croup cough problems? Are you worried that the croup is getting serious and you are just getting tired of bulking up more cough syrup prescriptions? If […]

Get Your Breath Back With Essential Oils for Asthma

If you often exhibit symptoms of wheezing, coughing, breathing difficulties or other respiratory system problems when exposed to animal dander, cigarette smoke, certain perfumes, chemical irritants or environmental pollutants, chances are that you have asthma. Being a dangerous and unpredictable condition, an asthmatic attack has the potential of becoming fatal in case rapid treatment using […]

Stay Healthy With These Essential Oils for Colds

We all get colds. In fact, they are undoubtedly the most common illnesses worldwide for people of all ages. An adult will get 2 to 4 colds each year with children getting as many as 5 to 10. The US population alone gets over 1 billion colds every year. Usually, the onset of a cold […]

Breathe Deeply With These Essential Oils For Congestion

Do you wake up miserable? Your head is pounding, you can’t seem to inhale enough oxygen into your lungs, your nose just doesn’t seem to be working at all? It sounds like you might be congested. The fatigue and headache you feel after a long day at work may be signs of sinusitis, and a […]

Give Your Lungs a Rest With These Essential Oils For Cough

Your co-worker was coughing yesterday, and this morning you have a ticklish sensation in your throat. You know the signs all to well. You reach for your stash of vitamin C, but it’s too late. You’ve caught the bacteria that was passing through the air. Dang it, you might be sick. Coughing is actually good […]