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Get Your Smooth Skin Back With These Essential Oils For Stretch Marks

Do you know that more than 25 percent men and 55 percent women suffer from stretch marks? The condition doesn’t cause any medical problems, but for those experiencing this condition, you certainly know how embarrassing, annoying, and distressful it can be. What are stretch marks? Stretch marks are a common skin disorder characterized by narrow […]

Lagunamoon Essential Oils and Top Picks

Lagunamoon is a company that believes that beauty is not only what you see on the outside, but also what goes on inside you. The company always considers that both exterior and interior beauty live in harmony which is why they have their proprietary set of essential oils to use to bring out the health […]

Turn Up the Heat with These Essential Oils for Romance

I’ve been seeing more red around lately in the supermarkets and candy appearing out of no where. How can it almost be Valentines already? Time sure does fly doesn’t it. Well, in honor of this day, whether you celebrate or not, with your loved ones, your friends, or enjoying the day for yourself, I thought […]

ArtNaturals Essential Oils History and Top Picks

Though a relatively new and unknown company, ArtNaturals has been garnering lots of hype in the aromatherapy world of late. It’s however not that surprising as the company provides 100% pure, natural essential oils that efficiently help treat and prevent lots of diseases and issues. While still providing top quality products, because they are considered […]

My Experience with The Discovery Collection From Organic Aromas

A few years back, I began to seriously search for a product that will help to keep me in health and vitality without any negative side effects. I tried a few supplements, took some courses on eating healthy, and I i’m happy to say they helped to get me on a healthier track and lifestyle.  […]

Essential Oils for Stress Relief

As we say bye bye to Thanksgiving and finish the last of our leftovers ( if there still are any) you might be realizing Christmas is right around the corner! Now, holidays are supposed to be joyful and filled with love. However, all the commitments, shopping, and to-do lists can take a toll on us […]

What Is Aromatherapy and How Can It Change Your Life?

I’ve gotten really specific over the last few weeks on how to use certain essential oils for particular health problems, but this week, we’re taking it back to basic, and rediscovering what aromatherapy is and some of it’s many benefits. At this point, there are very few people who haven’t heard of aromatherapy, these amazing […]

Most Effective Essential Oils For Bruises

Ever wake up and wonder how you got that bruise? You most probably sometimes don’t even realize that you have a bruise until someone points it out to you. It can happen to anyone, of all ages even when you least expect it. Bruises are generally small, bluish-black marks that indicate you have been injured. […]

Bye Bye Back Ache with Essential Oils for Back Pain

Do to wake up with a sore back? Do you know the feeling of squirming around at your desk, shifting every 3 minutes to find a more comfortable position? Are you secretly wishing you could lay out a yoga mat in the office to get in some stretches for relief, if only it wasn’t so […]

What Are Carrier Oils and How To Use Them

Essential oils in aromatherapy tend to be highly concentrated and potent, leading to the question – are essential oils safe? The truth is, if used undiluted, most essential oils can cause adverse effects on your skin. For this reason, it is important to dilute essential oils with a carrier oil. The carrier oils are extracted […]