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Remove Marks With These Essential Oils for Scars

We all have some scars, whether from an accident, medical procedure or a delivery in their lifetimes which leaves a mark.  The scars, no matter how big, old, raised or small, don’t matter much if they are not visible to others. It’s when it’s prominent and noticeable that you want to get rid of them. […]

Uncovering How Crystals Work and Understanding Their Benefits

Do you ever just go somewhere, maybe when travelling, at the spa, or another out of the ordinary day type of location and just feel different? For some unexplained reason, your mood just shifts. It may be that you get a sudden sense of peace, or clarity, maybe you feel like you can breathe better […]

Essential Oils for UTI

If you’ve ever had a UTI, you know exactly how much of a pain it can be. From the constant need to scan the room, making sure you know exactly where the closest bathroom is, or the frustration knowing you’ll be back in a few minutes. Let’s not even talk about the pain. Do you […]