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How a Humidifier Will Keep You Healthy This Winter

We all love the winter, don’t we? It could easily be the best season of the year. It’s the perfect time to stay indoors, do some binge watching over hot coffee or chocolate and rock the ever-classy winter clothing. The fluffy sweaters and hoodies will never be out of fashion. Plus the winter does offer […]

Stay Healthy With These Essential Oils for Colds

We all get colds. In fact, they are undoubtedly the most common illnesses worldwide for people of all ages. An adult will get 2 to 4 colds each year with children getting as many as 5 to 10. The US population alone gets over 1 billion colds every year. Usually, the onset of a cold […]

Shed Pounds With These Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Every once in a while you will look at yourself in the mirror and not like what you see – a bulging belly, skin folds, uncharacteristically chubby face, fat dimples and of course some of your clothes don’t fit anymore. You have gained weight! Well, gaining weight is not a strange thing. It happens to […]

All Natural Super Effective Bug Repellent Oils

Earlier this week we talked about essentials oils can help manage or stop allergies that are often associated with spring, the blooming flowers, and nature shedding its winter coat away, and embracing the sun. As if allergies weren’t enough to deal with, this time of year also brings around, you guessed it, bugs. Perfect for […]

Use These Essential Oils To Detoxify Your Body

Detox retreats are becoming more and more popular as the environment we live in becomes more and more polluted. In today’s less than pristine environment, taking extra effort to release unneeded and toxic substances from the body can mark the dividing line between vitality and fatigue. Today many people are using essential oils as a […]

How to Choose the Right MONQ Blend for Your Mood

If you love aromatherapy and its benefits and wish there was some way you could enjoy these effects on the go, there’s good news. Instead of depending on your living room diffuser or a roll-on, there’s now a portable personal essential oil diffuser in the market, MONQ. Many mistake MONQ Therapeutic Air for an e-cigarette […]