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4 Essential Oils That Will Cure Your Hangover Quick

A pounding headache, stomach pain, fatigue,  nausea, excessive dehydration and increased sensitivity to light – it’s an all too familiar feeling for anybody who has ever had a night out of fun.  Why is it that the older I get, the worse the hangover seems? Unfair. While it may leave you regretting those extra glasses […]

Safe Essential Oils for Pregnancy

Bringing a child into the world is one of the most beautiful things in existence. But for any expectant mother, soon to be, or well, basically everyone, knows that being pregnant is no walk in the park. You may be pregnant if your menstrual periods are usually regular, but this time your periods are delayed […]

Stop That Queasy Feeling with Essential Oils For Nausea

I’m going to start out by saying nausea isn’t a fun topic to talk about.  Your head is spinning, it’s hard to focus, you want to lay down in hopes it will all stop. I know the feeling. Frankly, it’s not all that pretty, but when you’re feeling like you’re about to be sick on […]