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Essential Oils for Vertigo

For the longest time I didn’t know I had vertigo. I, like many people, thought it was the fear of heights, and that dizzy feeling you get when you look over the edge. But that’s not even close describing the complexity that it encompasses. I remember, more so when I was younger than now, I […]

Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids

Not the most pleasant of topics, but one that definitely warrants being covered. When you’re in pain, you just want to find a way to stop, or ease it, and thats what we’re covering here today. Hemorrhoids are a painful but common condition affecting three out of four adults. We all have rectal veins which normally […]

Essential Oils for Canker Sores

Growing up canker sores were something I was familiar with. My mom was allergic to cantaloupe, but still ate it from time time, unfortunately resulting in canker sores. Now, I know they weren’t comfortable, but I didn’t know just how annoying they could be until I experienced them myself later on in life while I […]

Essential Oils For Depression

For long depression was perceived as a mere feeling of being “down” or “not in the mood.” Lots of people used to think of it as something imaginary asking people with the condition that it is “all in their head.” In recent years, fortunately, depression has got the sort of attention it needs. This is a real illness that has […]

Get Your Breath Back With Essential Oils for Asthma

If you often exhibit symptoms of wheezing, coughing, breathing difficulties or other respiratory system problems when exposed to animal dander, cigarette smoke, certain perfumes, chemical irritants or environmental pollutants, chances are that you have asthma. Being a dangerous and unpredictable condition, an asthmatic attack has the potential of becoming fatal in case rapid treatment using […]

Earache Essentail Oils- Can You Hear Me Now?

In most cases when you get an earache it clears up on its own. But the pain and discomfort that it comes with can be extremely disruptive. Plus it is generally not advisable to ignore any form of pain. It could be a symptom or the start of a more serious illness. For instance, an […]

Breathe in These Essential Oils for Anxiety

We all face episodes of anxiety now and then in our day to day lives. It comes about when there is apprehensive behavior like fear, worry or concern – which are all normal human emotions. So, to put it simply, anxiety is a psychological, physiological and emotional state that we create ourselves from our own […]

Essential Oils for UTI

If you’ve ever had a UTI, you know exactly how much of a pain it can be. From the constant need to scan the room, making sure you know exactly where the closest bathroom is, or the frustration knowing you’ll be back in a few minutes. Let’s not even talk about the pain. Do you […]

Essential Oils For Sunburn

Is it just me or has it been hot lately? Like really hot? If you’ve been out in the sun recently and forgotten to put on that second or third application of sunscreen, you might find yourself a little, or a lot burnt. You know the warning signs, the slight tightness or heat. Maybe your […]