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How To Use Essential Oils in the Work Place

The holidays are over and it’s time to get back to work. Well, this might have actually been a few days ago, but I’ve been trying to trick myself into some extra relaxation time. I’ve finally accepted that it stops today.

Now, if you’ve ever enjoyed a nice long break, or even just a weekend or personal day, you know it can be difficult to get your mind back into the game, and get right back into all the many responsibilities you tackle on a daily bases. Thankfully, with the help of coffee (or my current obsession matcha tea), and the right essential oils, you’ll won’t just be back to you’re old self, you’ll be better than ever.

If you’re feeling like you need a little boost, let’s check out just how benefitcal essential oils can be in at work.

Improve your productivity while reducing stress

They not only promote good health but also improve employees’ efficiency. Workers who use essential oils become positive and rational thinkers react to situations calmly and feel better. Use of essential oils can reduce anxiety and stress associated with work and busy schedules.

Mental and emotional health in the office can be improved significantly by these magical aromas. Smells travel to the limbic system by the help of olfactory bulb triggering memories and processing chemicals of emotions.

Essential oils can be absorbed via the skin, taken internally or inhaled; no matter the method used, there will be a body reaction since the oils interact with the brain. Using essential oils in the office creates an atmosphere conducive to creativity, positivity, and concentration.

Energize for an important meeting or wind down at the end of the work day

The essential oils you use will determine how supportive and comfortable your work environment will be. As much as sedating oils, example chamomile and lavender, are good at calming situations, they can also cause lethargy and dizziness making you inactive in the office. You can use them though before closing time to help you relax before heading home. 

During the active hours of the day, stimulating and energizing essential oils are the best choice. You can opt to use few drops of one oil type or a combination of three to five categories.

It is wise, however, to take precautions when using essential oils in public place. Different oils react uniquely with every individual hence the need to be aware of your surroundings. Depending on your nature of work, you can choose what aromas to diffuse and what not to use.

For instance, extremely sweet floral essentials would not work well in small shared office spaces. In a well-ventilated office, you can use an oil diffuser or aroma lamp comfortably.

How to Use Essential Oil Diffusers in the Workplace

An aromatherapy diffuser is common among essential oil users. A variety of essential oils can be dispersed using an aromatherapy diffuser. For more accurate use, it is advisable to check out manufactures guidelines on how to use the different diffusers.

Diffusing essential oils in the office can help you: 

  • reduce stress
  • placate irritability
  • ease tension
  • fight flu
  • prevent colds
  • keep you alert all day long

When diffusing in an open office, locate the center for even distribution of the molecules. Aroma intensity can also be reduced since the aroma remains in the room.

Diffusing at 35%, for instance, is enough for a pleasant smell and eliminating airborne microbes. Employees who use diffuse essential oils are more active and social than those who do not. How to use Aromatherapy Roll-on Blend in the office 

Most people use this massage roll on blend at home, but it’s also possible to use it effectively in the office. All you need to have is a roller ball applicator, carrier oil, and essential oils.

Add adequate drops of each essential oil and carrier oil into the bottle after removing the roller ball. When done reattach the roller ball and shake. Carry the portable bottle everywhere including the office.

To reduce aches, headaches, stress, anxiety, and depression at work, apply the oil to pressure points. This aromatherapy blend can also be used as an alternative to commercial perfumes; as is less irritating and works for a specific purpose, not just to give off a scent.

Workplace aromatherapy inhaler

Using an aromatherapy inhaler is the best way to fight colds, stress, allergies, respiratory problems, anxiety and panic attacks without interfering irritating colleagues. Before leaving for work, add the required drops of the essential oils you prefer in the inhaler and carry it to the office.

You can inhale any time of the day whenever there is a need. If you just want to try it out first and see if this is a concept you might enjoy, MONQ offers personal portable diffusers, that are easy to carry, easy to use, and perfect for these type of situations.

For the office or when you’re on the go, I reccomened trying one or more of these tailor made blends: Active, Zen, or Vibrant.

An even easier option is wearing a diffuser necklace or essential oil diffuser bracelet. Just put these beautiful pieces on, and reap the benefits all day long without having to remember to apply, use, or turn on a diffuser.

Precautions When Using Essential Oils in the Workplace

  • If a colleague is pregnant, diffuse essential oils that will not cause complications.
  • Confirm whether any of your coworkers have medical condition such as epilepsy, migraines or high blood pressure before diffusing.
  • Find out if any of the people around you are are sensitive to specific aromas.

Essential oil combinations for diffuser

1. Energizer 

A blend of Rosemary, Juniper, Thyme, Lemongrass, Black Pepper, Fir, Balsam and Lemon.

  • Keeps you energized focused and grounded
  • Brain stimulant
  • Thyme promotes the manufacture of white blood cells in the body hence becoming more resistant to unwanted organisms.

2. Mental Celerity

A blend of Basil, Bergamot, Grapefruit and Lemon

  • Boosts motivation, mental focus, and energy
  • Optimal reaction during stress

3. Citrus Ovation 

A mixture of Sweet Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Lime and Bergamot

  • Motivates and boosts creativity
  • Reduce stress
  • Perfect choice during winters; soothing, uplifting and clarifying

4. Vitality

Includes lemongrass, lavender, geranium Egypt, juniper, patchouli dark, ylang-ylang and mandarin

  • Stimulate senses
  • Keeps you calm and creates a sense of well being
  • Boosting circulation and the nervous system
  • Reduce headaches

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