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Young Living Diffuser Reviews and Comparisons

Aromatherapy is an incredible invention with proven psychological and physical benefits. The benefits are many and range from getting a good night’s sleep, relaxing after a hard day, they help in the weight loss process, and even can boost how sexy you feel.

At you can read the most comprehensive Young Living Diffuser Reviews.


All of this I am sure you’re probably already familiar with, or at least have heard before. What is important though, is that just like anything else, to get the best results, you should use the best products. This therapy makes use of essential oils that are diffused into the air that we breathe.

To fully, enjoy the benefits of the essential oils and aromatherapy at large, the decision we make on the type of diffuser to use is very critical. This is especially important considering that the number of oil diffusers in the market continues to rise every day with genuine brands becoming increasingly difficult to identify.

Young Living Diffusers

To find the best diffuser, therefore, involves the collection of information from both the experts and the customers, a task that can be difficult for most consumers to undertake. And when all the information, reviews, and feedback is assembled, well, it always point in the same direction – towards Young Living.

There is no doubt that Young Living oil diffusers are quality products and will help you get the most out of your young living essential oils, or any other quality brand oils. The hard part is narrowing down the options to find the right diffuser for you.

This is why we are bringing you the most comprehensive review of their best essential oil diffusers available today. Read our Young Living diffuser reviews below!

  1. The Dewdrop Diffuser

The Dewdrop diffuser from Young Living is designed in the elegant shape of a morning dew. From the Dewdrop, you get an atomizer, humidifier and aroma diffuser all in one package! The diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to break down water and essential oils into micro-particles. The fine micro-particles are easy to disperse creating a relaxing atmosphere needed in any home or office environment.

The Dewdrop Diffuser will work for 4 hours continuously with an automatic shutoff feature that kicks in whenever the item runs out of the water. It also has an ambient blue light to boost the mood of the room. If you, however, feel like the light is being inconvenient then the “Switch Off” option is also available.


  • Its diffusion coverage is approximately 30 square meters
  • It weighs 440g
  • Has a subtle blue light that can be turned off
  • It’s a continuous diffuser with no timer
  1. The Bamboo Diffuser

The affordable Bamboo Diffuser is designed to create a moisturizing and calming environment that is pure, natural and healthy to live in. This diffuser, styled like a bamboo, uses ultrasonic technology to break water and essential oils into fine particles which are then dispersed into the air. By using its timer settings, you can decide whether you want the diffuser to release the essential oils for one or four hours continuously.

The Bamboo diffusion power covers up to 30 square meters which is a reasonable coverage fitting for most houses or offices.

If you are one of the guys who look for an effective yet simple to use diffuser then this particular item is your best choice. All you have to do is to lift its lid and fill the well with mineral/tap water and then add six to eight drops of essential oils. Close the lid up, turn it on and you’ll begin to enjoy hours of the calming and refreshing atmosphere. The Bamboo Diffuser is normally packaged together with 5 ml bottles for Peppermint and Tangerine essential oils unless you purchase the diffuser through the premium starter kits.


  • 30 Square meters coverage
  • LED lighting
  • Timer settings
  • Dimensions; 25.2cm by 12.6cm by 7.5cm
  1. Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser

The Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser is an exceptional piece of art made using a glass top and a solid maple base. Its unique designing makes it highly adaptable to the different home or office décor. Aria Ultrasonic diffuser is not only designed to create a spa-like atmosphere but goes further to try and switch you into the mood of your choice! Through its inbuilt speakers, you can decide to listen to its soothing sounds or you could plug in your own music device. It is also installed with a variety of subtle LED lights from which you can choose for the magical surrounding that you are looking for.

The manufacturers of Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser understand that aromatherapy needs a continuous and uninterrupted flow of essential oils. This is why they have also developed a sleek wooden remote that lets you turn on and off the diffuser, change the LED colors and even regulate the music’s volume from any spot within the room!

With this Aria Ultrasonic, you will enjoy up to 5 hours of diffusion before it automatically shuts down. The diffuser is also packaged with free 5 ml bottles of Peppermint and Tangerine Young Living essential oil.

There are several steps involved in the usage of the Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser:

  1. Assemble the diffuser through fitting the ventilation attachment, splash guard and electric plug
  2. Fill it with distilled water making sure it doesn’t go past the water indicator level
  3. Add 16 to 26 drops of essential oils. The number of oil drops you use will determine how concentrated the vapor will be.

After these steps, all you have to do is find yourself a nice cozy spot either for working or relaxing and then switch on the diffuser remotely.


  • Internal Speakers
  • Wide range of LED lights
  • Four to five hours of diffusion
  • Dimensions; 165mm tall x 216mm diameter
  1. Home Diffuser

As the name suggests, this rose shaped home diffuser is designed with a distinct purple color at the top and a white body. By purchasing this diffuser you get an atomizer, air purifier, humidifier and an aromatherapy gadget all compressed into one! It will get rid of all the foul odor in the room and generate a relaxing atmosphere all in a matter of minutes thanks to its advanced ultrasonic technology. The ambient light control feature has also been key in creating the spa-like atmosphere necessary for aromatherapy.

The Young Living Home Diffuser is designed to function in two amazing modes. The first mode, displayed through a green light, is for Continuous diffusion. Under this mode, the diffuser will constantly release essential oils into the atmosphere. The second mode shown by a red light is for 30 seconds alternating diffusion. Here, the diffuser will be dispersing essential oil for 30 seconds before it automatically goes off for another 30 seconds. This alternation will continue until it runs out of the water and shuts down.

When using the beautiful Home Diffuser, you are cautioned to avoid placing it on surfaces that are sensitive to water. This is because it releases mist which could react with such surfaces.

Using this diffuser involves four main steps:

  1. Lift the lid and fill the water reservoir with water without exceeding the fill line. Distilled water is the most recommended when using the Home diffuser
  2. Add 8 to 12 drops of the essential oils of your choice into the water
  3. Cover the water reservoir with the lid
  4. Finally, plug in the diffuser and switch it on.


  • It has two operating modes
  • Ambient light control
  • Dimensions; 13.5 cm diameter x 17 cm tall
  1. Rainstone Diffuser

Rainstone Diffuser is arguably the most artistic essential oil diffuser available in the market right now. This particular diffuser has been developed by an incredible blend of advanced technology and ancient Chinese craftsmanship that has existed for over 1,000 years! Each of the Rainstone Diffusers is Handmade using rare purple clay found in China. The final result is hence an exquisite product that will not only fit with your office or home décor but also complement it.

Its performance is also just as good as its designing. Through a robust ultrasonic diffusion system, it breaks down water and essential oils at the rate of 1.7 million waves per second! The result is an extremely fine micro-particles vapor being released into the air. It is also installed with a timer setting where you can regulate the running time to 1, 2, 3, 6 or 8 hours with an automatic switch off at the end of the timer.

This diffuser gives you an option of different mood for different occasions through its five subtle LED lights settings. You can decide to have a blue, purple or yellow color. If you can’t choose any one of these colors there is another setting for alternating all the colors or you could just switch them off altogether! Through its remote control, you can conveniently customize the diffuser from any point within a 26 feet radius.

Unlike most other diffusers, when using the Rainstone, water and the essential oils are normally mixed up before pouring them into the diffuser.

Here is how this diffuser is used:

  1. Fill its water cup with tap/mineral water. For the purpose of generating mist, you are advised to avoid using distilled or purified water.
  2. Add around 8 to 10 drops of the essential oils of your choice to the water cup

Remove the diffuser’s lid

  1. Pull up the ventilation hole before pouring in the water. This will prevent water from entering the electronics’ chamber
  2. Once the ventilation switch is up you can now pour water into the reservoir until it reaches the red waterline
  3. Push the ventilation switch down
  4. Close the diffuser with its lid

Plug the power line into the diffuser’s power adaptor input

  1. Plug the adaptor into the power socket
  2. Using the remote control you can switch on the diffuser using the “On/Off (8H)” button.

The powerful Rainstone will continue diffusing until the selected shut-off time or when the water reservoir is empty.


  • 8 hours of diffusion
  • Negative ionizer
  • Ambient LED light settings
  • Timer setting
  • Dimensions; 12.8 by 12.8 by 17 cm
  1. USB Orb Diffuser

This model is also popularly known as the Young Living car diffuser.

Aromatherapy shouldn’t be something that you can only enjoy at home or in your office. You can easily enjoy a pleasant and heartwarming atmosphere be it in your car, boat or when you go away for camping or a weekend getaway. What this requires, therefore, is a lightweight portable diffuser that will get the job done without inconveniencing you with issues such as spillage and this is exactly what USB Orb Diffuser offers.

This diffuser comes with two light settings; an alternating blue LED light or a continuous smooth green light. This lighting system and the breathtaking aroma of your favorite essential oils delivers aromatherapy effects for over 4 hours.

Since the USB Orb Diffuser is meant for easy and portable purposes, its usability has been simplified. Fill its base with mineral or tap water then directly add 5 drops of essential oils into the wick. Close the diffuser then select your preferred diffusion settings and you’re good to go.


  • Two ambient LED light settings
  • Spill-proof
  • Dimensions; 9cm Diameter x 10.5cm Tall
  1. AromaLux Atomizing Diffuser

The AromaLux Atomizing Diffuser has taken the aromatherapy experience into a whole new level by utilizing proprietary BioGeometry principles and advanced atomizing technology. The product designed by Gary Young is elegantly shaped like a pyramid perfect for any office space.

AromaLux is popular mainly due to its wide array of customization settings. Firstly, is its vapor volume controller. AromaLux atomizing technology produces a vapor filled with millions of essential oils micro-particles. By regulating the vapor you will be in full control of how much of this vapor is released into the air. It also has a diffusion running timer and a separate diffusion pause timer. This means that you can set different times for when the diffuser runs and when it is on pause! They both, however, have to be between 1 to 20 minutes. Furthermore, there are five different LED light settings to create different atmospheres. From all these settings you simply cannot miss one fits your comfort zone.

To use the AromaLux Atomizing Diffuser separate the top from the base and attach a Young Living 15ml or 5 ml essential oil bottle to the atomizer top. Go ahead and mount the AromaLux top back to its base. After this, it is all about adjusting the master timer, vapor volume, diffusion pause timer, and diffusion run timer and then switching it on. Regulate the LED display lights for a perfect therapeutic experience.


  • Master timer control
  • Diffusion pause and timer control
  • 10 hours of diffusion
  • Accommodates both 15ml and 5ml essential oil bottles
  • Dimensions; 13cm by 13cm by 14.7cm.


With the above information, making a decision when it comes to purchasing a diffuser should be as easy as the breeze coming out of your new Young Living diffuser. Essential oils and Aromatherapy, as a whole, provide us with exceptional benefits such as improved emotional, brain functionality, and physical energy among others. The above diffusers will provide all these benefits by turning your living space into an aroma-filled and therapeutic space.

Once you choose the right diffuser for you, take a look at their fda approved essential oil products, specifically their top selling thieves oil and cinnamon bark blends.

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